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Is this nation going to the dogs?

by Sunil J

Is Delhi playing into the hands of terrorists? On the 15th of January, when ID cards are made mandatory for citizens in Delhi, we might as well surrender arms to the terrorists. Is our capital under siege?

There might still be some remote place in India, where a person’s identity is his face. Not anymore, at least in Delhi. Police will be authorized to do random checks on citizens from the 15th and anyone who fails to produce an ID card can very well end up in jail.

YS Dadwal, Commissioner, Delhi Police says, ”We will be doing random checks and who ever we find suspicious will be asked for ID.”

This raises a lot of questions. First and foremost, how is suspicious defined? Is it really defined, or is it up to the discretion of the officer making the check? If an officer has a grudge against anyone, what is there to stop him from checking his ID card 4 times a day?

Does anyone think that a person who has entered the country and has with him advanced assault rifles and explosives will find it difficult to create a genuine identity for himself, and how difficult is it to create a fake ID?

There are over a billion people in India, and there are a huge number of people who do not have any identification, and doesn’t care about it. What would happen to them if they happen to visit Delhi?

What could be more humiliating for an Indian, than being asked to prove that he is an Indian?

Last I checked, Delhi was part of India, and as an Indian I have every right to go to anywhere in India without any questions raised. Are we going to need passport to travel between each state, that too at a time when Europeans don’t need a passport to travel within countries in Europe?

Questions are dime a dozen, but as I don’t want to ask questions for which answers are not going to be forthcoming, I will ask just one more.

Will this measure in anyway reduce the security threat? At least by 1 percent?

At the same time, for the sake of safety, the Lieutenant Governor, is planning to tell the Delhi government that all drivers in Delhi need to have a license issued by the Delhi government.

I thought the license issued by Motor Vehicles Department was valid throughout India. Does this mean everyone will have to take their driving license from Delhi?

Does a license issued by Delhi government prevent accident in any way? I didn’t realize that the Delhi bus drivers had such a great safety record.

Both of the above ideas are from the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Tejinder Khanna. Has he gone nuts?

I had written this a couple of days back, and the latest update is that ID card is not mandatory after all

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