Friday , 24 February 2017
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Friday for Android

Friday for Android

“Forget to Remember” That is what Friday claims it will do. About the developers Friday is an Android app from Dexetra, the developers of Iris, a virtual assistant. Even though it does not have all the features as Siri, yet, it shows a lot of promise with constant updates and improvements. Iris (Siri in reverse) was created within 8 hours after Apple announced Siri and that was how many people heard about its developer Dextra and the sibling of Iris who has been gestating for a while now. About Friday Many people find it difficult to maintain a diary (me), but I wish I knew what I did a week or a month back. Sometimes I would know what I did, but would have no idea when I did it. Android has some apps which will export your call logs and SMSs to your Gmail inbox or to Google Calendar. ... Read More »

Feed Roundup

Here are some interesting news that I read online recently. Hope you like this tiny digest. Siri For iPhone That is one of the hottest news in tech world. A virtual assistant that can not only talk back to you, but do it with a certain amount of (Artificial) Intelligence. That is the dream of every Geek. Siri (pronounced /ˈsɪri/) is a personal assistant application for iOS. The application uses natural language processing to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to an expanding set of web services. Siri claims that the software adapts to the user’s individual preferences over time and personalizes results, as well as accomplishing tasks such as making dinner reservations and reserving a cab.[1] via Siri (software) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unfortunately, I don’t have Apple, and I prefer my Android phone and after some digging I came up with a few interesting applications ... Read More »

Install Gingerbread on NexusOne without waiting for OTA update

  Google has made Gingerbread available for NexusOne and if don’t mind waiting a “few weeks” before you receive the “over the air” (OTA) update you probably don’t have to read further. Unfortunately, I have been waiting impatiently for GingerBread update and I can’t wait any further.   At the moment of writing, my NexusOne is rebooting after installing the update (fingers crossed). And jut to be clear, my phone has not been rooted, and what I am going to suggest is not illegal and is not going to void your warranty, whatever is left of it. I have not mentioned Nexus S as I have not tired the steps, but you will find the steps almost similar and other posts for Nexus S. 1. First you need to download the update from the Google server. Download Gingerbread for NexusOne 2. Rename the file. The original file that you download will be named ... Read More »

SlideIT Keyboard

Ever since I got my Google Nexus One, I been using my mobile a lot and no, I don’t make many phone calls. Recently I saw someone else using an Android phone, but using the touchscreen keyboard to find and type one letter at a time. There are various softwares available that will help you type faster but the one that I use is SlideIT from Dasur. It is available for Android, iPhone, Winodows Mobile and Symbian. I think that should cover almost everyone I know. If you are still not sure whether it is for you, check this video. (I can type faster than that guy) Some of the other options available are: Swype (Still in Beta) ShapeWriter etc etc. You can download the demo of SlideIT from Android Market or purchase it from Dasur Related articles SlideIT Is a Pretty Accurate Swipe-Based Android Keyboard [Downloads] ( Read More »