Sunday , 20 October 2019
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Flyin’ on a wing an’ a prayer

“Flyin’ on a wing an’ a prayer”. I have had that tag for a long time now and I have no idea from where I got it. I think I started writing blog in the latter part of 2000 and since then, a lot of posts and a lot of blogs on various websites have been deleted. I may write sporadically and my posts might hop across the whole spectrum of topics, but in my heart I am still flying through life; so fast I don’t know where I am, crippled; but airborne with just one wing, praying for a miracle; hoping life my on earth is not just a speck of sand in the winds of time, that it means a lot more. I doubt it, but then, that is the reason why I called it a miracle. Sometimes I scare myself. Not by the speed of my bike, …

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