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by Sunil J

It took some time, but I was able to get my RSS feeds on my Facebook profile. It shouldn’t have been so hard, but a couple of things made it hard. I didn’t like any of the application on Facebook, and the one I felt I might like didn’t want to work. Only one thing was left to do, pull it on Notes application. But Notes would allow only 1 blog to be imported, and I wanted to import two. One is this blog and the other is my other blog where I give vent to my feelings and random thoughts. It is Lost in thought.

I have been hearing about Yahoo Pipes and decided to try it out. I had already spent hours, and I was beginning to get frustrated. Pipes needed some getting used to. But considering its capabilities I think it is extremely user friendly, but a little more helpful comments would have been great.

So, now I had the RSS feeds from my blogs, which was through Feedburner, run through Pipes and now I had a single RSS feed. I tried to pull it from Facebook, but unfortunately Facebook was not able to get the feed. I hit upon a solution to run the feed through Feedburner again to optimize it for any browser and RSS reader.

I found out that the problem was not with the feed, but due to some problem on Facebook. So, now I have two feeds and I had to choose one. I ran both feeds, one after the other, through Facebook. Both of them were working well, but when I thought about the extra features that I can have on the feed if I ran it through Feedburner, I decided to stick with the Feedburner feed. It means there is one extra step, a bit more complicated; but then, that is me. A very complicated guy, and very confused. 😉

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