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The fickle me

For the past 5 months, I have been playing travian a lot, and that is an understatement. At one point, I was playing on 3 servers, while helping 3 others play the game. I used Firefox to log into my accounts on 3 server, Chrome and K-Meleon to log into accounts of my alliance members. And while I was at work, I used to use my mobile to continue playing. It is over now, I have decided that I have been obsessing over the game far too long and have decided to quit. Sometime tomorrow afternoon my account will be closed. None of my alliance members are aware that I have decided to quit and it is going to affect the alliance ranking. As I am the highest ranked player 😀 in my alliance, no one would want me to quit. So maybe I will send a note before my …

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Flyin’ on a wing an’ a prayer

“Flyin’ on a wing an’ a prayer”. I have had that tag for a long time now and I have no idea from where I got it. I think I started writing blog in the latter part of 2000 and since then, a lot of posts and a lot of blogs on various websites have been deleted. I may write sporadically and my posts might hop across the whole spectrum of topics, but in my heart I am still flying through life; so fast I don’t know where I am, crippled; but airborne with just one wing, praying for a miracle; hoping life my on earth is not just a speck of sand in the winds of time, that it means a lot more. I doubt it, but then, that is the reason why I called it a miracle. Sometimes I scare myself. Not by the speed of my bike, …

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Women's Intuition

I met with an accident almost 3 months back and after one surgery I am still hobbling on crutches.  It hasn’t been easy, and it is not going to be easy for the next few months. However, I have been able to see how helpful people can be when they find that someone needs help. Friends accompany me when I go on a break, even when I insist that I can take care of myself. People open doors for me and Shibu, the tea vendor at office cafeteria comes up to me to make sure that I have everything I need. Strangers strike up conversation when they find me sitting alone. People likes to talk, you just need to give them something to talk about. Yesterday when I fell down, about half a dozen people appeared at my side in an instant to get me back on my feet. Everyone …

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Happy New Year

A very happy new year to all the non-readers of this blog, and since I am still in bed after the accident, it doesn’t make sense wishing me one. Since no one else knows about this new blog address, I am the only reader, and hence the reader does not get a new year greeting. Last year I wrote why I felt the year was the most important of the century, considering all the events that took place. (Link) This new year I hope to eat those words, because otherwise this year is going to be pretty boring. Congratulations to Anjali for seeing off 2008 by posting her 250th blog post. Her posts are always entertaining, and I hope she will post more in 2009. (Link) Last but not the least, to a Medico who lost so much in 2008. (Link) A person who writes so much about things unknown …

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I am back

A little over 4 months has passed since my last post and I think I may be ready to admit that I am not persistent. It all started when I started playing an online game. I was addicted to it for a while that I stopped replying to my mails. I got over the game soon, but instead of my old routine, I had other things to do. Long story short, I stopped reading blogs and stopped updating mine too. There would not have been any change, except,I met with an accident, again. Now I have casts on my leg as well as my arm which means I can’t move around much. After doing everything else possible, I have decided to look at my blog once more. Writing a blog is not that enjoyable, because I have only one hand to type.To type at less than 20 WPM after being …

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Lookout, the future is changing

I am becoming inactive again, not because I did not want to write or not because I had nothing to write. In fact during the past month there were quite a few things that impressed me that I wanted to write so much about it. Unfortunately, the past month was one of the most interesting as well as one of the busiest month I have had in a long time. One of the most important events in my life last month was the realization that we are at a crossroad that is going to determine our long-term future, in a big way. I am sure each of our action determines what is going to happen in the future, but some events make much more difference than the others do. In India, the Prime Minister is trying to persuade the Communist Party to support him in the nuclear deal with the …

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