Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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Missing you


Surprised to get a mail from me? I’ll bet you are. I know you wouldn’t wonder who I am.

I was reading some of the old mails that you had sent me, way back in 2003, 4 years back. Inseparable friends to 2 acquaintances who haven’t spoken in years. What happened?

It was when I read those mails, I remembered how much we meant to each other, and that is why I know you wouldn’t have forgotten about me. I am sure you wouldn’t have thought about me in a long time, but, the moment you saw my mail, you would remember me.

I am surprised that I am writing this mail, because long time back, I had decided to let go of everything, unless they stood by me without any effort from my part. Yea, it’s stupid. I know.

And when I look at myself I realize that most people who mattered to me are no longer with me, either because of time and distance or because I stopped caring.

I still don’t know why you stopped talking. With the wild imagination that I have it is not difficult to think of some worst case scenarios, but from my experience, I have learned that worst case scenarios never happen. So I am trying not to assume.

I know the friendship we had was special, and somehow I know that we will never be able to go back, however I wish otherwise. But then, I am writing this mail knowing that you will not reply.

People grow and move. Remember I wrote something about a tree a long time back, you probably wouldn’t, I am still that tree, unable to move, even if I wanted to, while everything changes around me.

Have you ever dropped a coin in a wishing well? Have you ever prayed to change the answer you wrote? Have you ever send a message in a bottle?

This is it, a coin in a wishing well, a prayer to undo something already done, a message in a bottle.

I am sending an attachment with this mail; it would probably tell you why I am sending this mail better, than my words ever will.

With lots of love,
your friend.

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I write ideas that strike me, sometimes just to remember them later, and just once in a while, you might find something useful. :-)

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  1. Hey Sunil, vallara ishta pettu ningalude email. Very touching indeed. I wish I could write similar mails to my long lost friends whom I lost touch with due to time / distance / indifference.
    It was a nice read.

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