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Good bye Fakebook


I logged out of Facebook, not just closed the tab, but logged out. If I need to check Facebook, I have to log back in instead of just opening the page. Facebook is a place where you meet fake friends and I’m tired of all the people who doesn’t care about me. I know, I’m a lonely person. Any idiot can have opinion on anything. I know, because I have. But on Facebook, even those idiots who are incapable of having a coherent thought can copy half-baked thoughts from someone else, a photoshopped picture would attract those mindless nitwits faster than honey attracts honeybees. I wouldn’t mind it so much, if they had the ability to listen to reason and correct themselves. Those handful of people who I consider friends don’t need Facebook to contact me and I don’t need facebook to remember their birthdays. I would probably log in …

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Free Facebook Cards from Moo

Facebook Card from

Who doesn’t love free stuff! Here is how you can get 50 free cards from based on your Facebook Timeline. I just ordered mine. This is how it looks like and you can have your quotes, Facebook vanity URL & E-mail address printed in the back. If you are one of those people who constantly change their cover image, then can have cards printed with each of those cover images, max 50. Did I mention that this is free only for the first 200,000 people? Here is how you get your Facebook Card.   Head over to Scroll down to “Contact Info” and hover over the business card icon next to it. and click on Print Cards. Follow the instructions. Remember, only the first 200,000 people will get the free card, so get it soon. Update: They are giving out 5000 a day, so if you don’t get it …

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DoFollow Enabled

Over the last week, this blog has gone through some subtle but drastic changes. The changes were done with a few things in mind that will improve your experience on my blog. Faster loading: One of the feature that was removed from the blog was drag-to-share from Meebo. Previously you could select a few text or click and hold an image to share a post on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail etc. But this was not a feature that would be used often. The Meebo bar at the bottom of the page was also scrapped. A site which loads faster is better than a feature that is seldom used. Previously the home page would take about 12-13 seconds to load. By removing certain features which were not used that often, I was able to bring down the load time to just above 7 minutes. My blog is now 40% faster.   Link Luv: …

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Invites to Quora

I have invites for Quora, a social search site launched earlier this year by a bunch of ex-Facebookers (including former CTO Adam D’Angelo andCharlie Cheever (who previously led Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect)–and which was just funded at an $86M valuation. If you would like an invite to Quora, just ask for in the comment. Make sure you are putting your correct e-mail address in the e-mail field so that I know where to send the invite to. If you put your email address in the comments, you might get an invite from some generous fellow, but you might get a lot of spam from even more generous fellows. You will have to use either your Facebook or Twitter account to authenticate to Quora first time. To make my life easier, I have created the following form. This will ensure your email stays out of public eyes and I don’t have to copy …

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Post-a-day – Day 2

So I decided that I will make the blog public again. So far very few people knew about it, and I never felt it necessary to invite people to the blog. However, yesterday, for no particular reason, I updated the site field on Facebook. And right now, I am updating the same on my Twitter Profile. I have absolutely no idea why I am doing this, since I was very satisfied with the way things have been going till now. Maybe it has something to do with the postaday2011 challenge. Anyhow, I spend the last 2 hours looking at other posts tagged with postaday2011 and I couldn’t find anything inspiring. Is postaday2011 too much that the quality of content will be very low? Maybe I should switch to postaweek2011. WordPress does provide some great “apps” (the word app has been voted as the word of the year by the American Dialect Society) …

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Facebook is blocking me

It seems I am importing my blog too frequently. Obviously I would want to test the functionality of Facebook, and they should have built their software to check whether I am importing the same posts to test. I am not much impressed, but still the fact that I am able to import my blog makes me stick with it. I had one of the greatest time yesterday. I had gone to an eco-tourism spot with a few of my friends and had the best time in a long time. More on that in my next post, hopefully today evening.

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