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Diaspora – Invite

Diaspora is not something that someone built after Google Plus. If anything, it has been around from the beginning of the year. Diaspora is a decentralized social network. It is not hosted on one server or on servers owned by a company like Google or Facebook. If you want you can host it on your own server, and get your family to join, maybe a few friends too. If you happen to have a killer domain name, you might end up with thousands of users. The server version that you can install on your own server has been available from the beginning of the year and there are many servers available which will allow you to join Diaspora. However, the developers have made the platform available on their servers too. So you already have Facebook and most probably have Google+, what can you get from Diaspora that you can’t from either …

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Google Plus Invites

  So the big news out there is Google Plus with quite a few people trying to get an invite. This time around the rush is not as big as Gmail or Wave, but it is still there and from the looks of it, Google is not restricting invitation as it did previously. I did get my invitation and I am in the process of inviting those I know to Google Plus. Would you like an invitation? Post a comment and I will hook you up with one. Before you ask for an invite. Here are the two things you should know before you ask for an invite. Google Plus works only with Google accounts that have an active Google profile. If you haven’ t created your Google profile yet, you won’t be able to sign up for Google Plus. You can create a Google Profile by going to …

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Happy Birthday Noell

An interesting post came to me on Pownce. A husband had sneaked into a podcaster’s blog and posted a request asking everyone to wish her a Happy Birthday. I am a day late according to my local time and this is the first time I am visiting that blog. But still I too want to be part of that brigade to wish her a Very Memorable Birthday… Happy Birthday Noell

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Facebook is blocking me

It seems I am importing my blog too frequently. Obviously I would want to test the functionality of Facebook, and they should have built their software to check whether I am importing the same posts to test. I am not much impressed, but still the fact that I am able to import my blog makes me stick with it. I had one of the greatest time yesterday. I had gone to an eco-tourism spot with a few of my friends and had the best time in a long time. More on that in my next post, hopefully today evening.

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I have been using Facebook for quite some time, and Orkut for a really long time. While I had better luck finding my old classmates on Orkut, my experience with it was never thrilling. But on the other hand, Facebook is proving dearer to me with its flexibility. It is quite surprising that Orkut, a product of Google, which is known for their stand on open source and open access has failed to incorporate their corporate principles into Orkut, where as Facebook is doing exactly that. On Facebook I have been able to create a list of books I have read, is reading and want to read, which is visible to all my friends. I can get quotes from Calving & Hobbs or F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Thomas Jefferson. I can import my blog entries into my Facebook profile where it will be visible to my friends. Orkut has the same feature, …

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Pownce, Twitter and me

Pownce; the latest in the ever-increasing social networking and microblogging Web 2.0 sites. I did join in almost immediately. Well as soon as I could, which was about a week after it took off, I guess. It would be easy to push it off as just another in the never-ending line, and I am sure most people do that, because not even a single person whom I invited joined. So what do I do, I gave the rest of my invitations for those who were asking for it. But sometimes, when you are bombarded with so many web-sites, you might let one gem slip past you. I joined Twitter late, but the feature I love in Twitter is the ability to send or receive SMS. It has endless possibilities. Similarly, Pownce too has a special feature that makes it invaluable. It is the ability to send files to your friends, …

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