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Pownce, Twitter and me

by Sunil J

Pownce; the latest in the ever-increasing social networking and microblogging Web 2.0 sites. I did join in almost immediately. Well as soon as I could, which was about a week after it took off, I guess. It would be easy to push it off as just another in the never-ending line, and I am sure most people do that, because not even a single person whom I invited joined. So what do I do, I gave the rest of my invitations for those who were asking for it. But sometimes, when you are bombarded with so many web-sites, you might let one gem slip past you. I joined Twitter late, but the feature I love in Twitter is the ability to send or receive SMS. It has endless possibilities.

Similarly, Pownce too has a special feature that makes it invaluable. It is the ability to send files to your friends, either one single friend, or a group or to the whole lot. If that is not a way to share files, then what is?

But that does not seem to be the only use many find in it. Many have joined because, not to do would have been a big no-no. There are still others, people who write on blogs, who need an audience, so that they can advertise themselves and get information about what is happening as soon as it happens. In the new internet age, where the attention span of the viewer has dwindled to a span of a lightning strike, they need all the resources they can get to keep them coming back.

I am not trying to criticize anyone. What they are doing is marketing, entrepreneurship and good PR. I am the odd man out. Despite being a marketing student, I think most of the time sometimes marketing is bad, as management student, I feel seizing opportunity is bad (after all, someone else is losing that opportunity) and being both, I feel PR means you are lying.

But hey, I think sharing copyrighted music files over the internet is pretty cool.

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