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Auld Lang Syne

I just realized today that one of my oldest friend does not remember me. I really can’t blame any of my old friends if they have forgotten me, because I have don’t remember many of them. Unfortunately, those I have forgotten seem to remember me, and those I remember have forgotten me, with a some exceptions. It is really strange that you those who influence you are the ones who forget you. I guess it may have something to do with the fact that in some way or other, there is an inequality, a yardstick by which we are measured in each others mind. Meteors are small celestial bodies which are attracted by stars and revolve around them in a highly elliptical orbit. Many planets and other celestial bodies might influence them, but it is mostly the star that decides the orbit. However, their influence over the star in negligible, if at all it …

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all those who are reading this, which obviously is no one as I just imported all my posts to this new sub-domain. Well, I do hope that whoever is reading this and all those people who are not reading this are having a better Christmas than I am. Don’t know what I am talking about? Check my previous post. Another wonderful news is that one of my best friend is going to be a mother. Congratulations to her!!! Unfortunately she loves babies, all babies, too much. So once the baby arrives, I doubt if she would leave its side. Everyone who loves her would want the best for her, so whatever makes her happy is gonna make me and her family happy.

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Happy Birthday

It was my friend’s birthday yesterday. There are friends who you remember when you see them, there are a few who you forget once you part, and then there are those really rare ones who you cant forget even years later. She is such a friend. I have not seen or heard from her in the past nine years, but year after year, I think of her on her birthday. I am sure she has changed a lot by now, but for me, she is still that 15-year-old girl, and that is how she is going to remain for the rest of my life. If I could go back and change my life, I would have made sure that we were friends, and had remained in touch. Unfortunately, I do not know where she is, what she is doing and I am sure that she does not remember me at …

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I had said that I would write about the bike trip I had yesterday, and frankly, I do not think I would be able to write well about the trip. It is not because I did not enjoy the trip, in fact I enjoyed it a lot. The problem is that I enjoyed it so much that it is difficult to put the feelings in words. We had gone to a place called Illithod, an Eco-tourism spot in Kerala. It is near Malayatoor, where St. Thomas is supposed to have climbed the hill. I still remember climbing that hill, and trying to see his footprints which are supposed to be imprinted on the rocks. The day didn’t start off well, and at a point I was ready to change the plan. I was travelling with 6 other friends from work, and we had only 3 bikes. After about one and …

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Updates and plans

It is amazing how fast time passes us by, but still some things remains unchanged. A few months back, I had thought, things I thought important were not important and friends I thought close were not close. I had distanced myself with many of my friends because I couldn’t take the pain of losing them. Last week I saw a friend, and the emotions I felt were the same I had a few years back. I guess friends are still friends however long we haven’t talked. Back to the present, I know I have been quite absent from my blog for quite a while. There have been major updates going on with my life. I have returned to my home town where I am presently working, and frankly there hasn’t been many lonely moments when I felt like I needed to put my thoughts into words. Now, that is as …

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Missing you

Hey, Surprised to get a mail from me? I’ll bet you are. I know you wouldn’t wonder who I am. I was reading some of the old mails that you had sent me, way back in 2003, 4 years back. Inseparable friends to 2 acquaintances who haven’t spoken in years. What happened? It was when I read those mails, I remembered how much we meant to each other, and that is why I know you wouldn’t have forgotten about me. I am sure you wouldn’t have thought about me in a long time, but, the moment you saw my mail, you would remember me. I am surprised that I am writing this mail, because long time back, I had decided to let go of everything, unless they stood by me without any effort from my part. Yea, it’s stupid. I know. And when I look at myself I realize that …

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