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Tales from work – GreenAV

Working in the service industry is not very easy. The unreasonable demands of customers and incomprehensible policies of the company keeps pulling you apart. Fortunately, there are instances, and it happens often, when you can’t stop laughing. Mr. A was helping a customer who had some kind of infection on his computer. Apparently, he got warnings that his computer is infected and he needs to activate Green Anti-Virus which was already installed on his computer. Mr. C, the customer, had enough of these warnings and tried to get rid of Green Anti-Virus from Add/Remove Programs. But he could not find the program listed there. Next he went to Program Files and found the uninstall shortcut and tried running it, 3 time!!! Finding himself out of depths, he decided he needed help, and found the e-mail address for Green Anti-Virus and send a polite mail telling them that their program was not working properly. …

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Crazy Christmas

I don’t have a life! It is Christmas and the first thing that I do on waking up is play F-22 Lightning 3, a game so old that there is no product page any more and the last update was in 1999. After fulfilling my childhood dream of being a fighter pilot, I decided to check what was eating up space on my C drive. WinDirStat is a tool that anyone who can install an OS should have on their computer. It will show you which files are using up most space and the file type. As I suspected the page file was eating up more than 2 GB and after setting up my computer to clear page file automatically, I was browsing the folders when I noticed something strange. Firefox was my default browser, until Google came up with Chrome . Since Chrome still does not have extensions and RSS …

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Intense Debate

I just got a major upgrade for my blog. Intense Debate, the new commenting system on the block, and guys, it really rocks. Check it out for yourself.It has imported all my previous comments to itself, and as I have enabled moderation new comments would not appear immediately.The best thing about intense debate is the threaded commenting system. But that is not all, with Intense Debate everyone can rate each other, so think twice before if you are thinking of writing something stupid. 😛But the feature that I think has more potential is actually a by product, if that is the right word. Regular users would be commenting on each others blog, and while it is possible without ID, here it becomes more personal, and streamlined.Got to go for work, so expect me to write more on this at a later time. In the meantime, maybe you should think about …

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Blog on Facebook

It took some time, but I was able to get my RSS feeds on my Facebook profile. It shouldn’t have been so hard, but a couple of things made it hard. I didn’t like any of the application on Facebook, and the one I felt I might like didn’t want to work. Only one thing was left to do, pull it on Notes application. But Notes would allow only 1 blog to be imported, and I wanted to import two. One is this blog and the other is my other blog where I give vent to my feelings and random thoughts. It is Lost in thought. I have been hearing about Yahoo Pipes and decided to try it out. I had already spent hours, and I was beginning to get frustrated. Pipes needed some getting used to. But considering its capabilities I think it is extremely user friendly, but a …

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Pownce, Twitter and me

Pownce; the latest in the ever-increasing social networking and microblogging Web 2.0 sites. I did join in almost immediately. Well as soon as I could, which was about a week after it took off, I guess. It would be easy to push it off as just another in the never-ending line, and I am sure most people do that, because not even a single person whom I invited joined. So what do I do, I gave the rest of my invitations for those who were asking for it. But sometimes, when you are bombarded with so many web-sites, you might let one gem slip past you. I joined Twitter late, but the feature I love in Twitter is the ability to send or receive SMS. It has endless possibilities. Similarly, Pownce too has a special feature that makes it invaluable. It is the ability to send files to your friends, …

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Google and gPhone

Continuing on my previous post on the gPhone, there are rumors that gPhone will cost around $100 and that it will be available in the first quarter of 2008. It is expected to be announced sometime next week or maybe the following week. An HTC employee is supposed to have leaked that the company is talking with Google and has around 20 prototypes that might become the gPhone. Maybe one, maybe quite a few. Bloggers have figured out that Google had bought a company that was developing a Linux based mobile operating system and hence it is likely that Google had purchased the company with the objective of creating a mobile operating system well integrated with its products. It is also said that the gPhone will have Wi-Fi capabilities, will be 3G enabled and will have a 3-inch display. It is unknown what kind of input system Google is planning …

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