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Blog Reboot 2013

It is that time of the year. After ignoring my blog for months, I come back and is instantly dissatisfied with the theme, the content, pictures.. pretty much everything . So after spending about 7-8 hours, most of it spent searching for a new theme, I present before you the same old wine in a new bottle. This blog has always been and will always remain a work in progress. It looks prettier than its previous incarnations over last 9, 10 years. But the sloppy work I did then is showing up with each new theme I try. I would have to go through each post, all 190 published and 30+ unpublished checking for mistakes, setting a “Featured image” for each post and updating/removing links. The picture of Jupiter (above) and Venus (brighter) was taken over a years back on my D5000 with standard kit lens. f/3.5 ISO 800 30 Sec Exposure Date: Aug …

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DoFollow Enabled

Over the last week, this blog has gone through some subtle but drastic changes. The changes were done with a few things in mind that will improve your experience on my blog. Faster loading: One of the feature that was removed from the blog was drag-to-share from Meebo. Previously you could select a few text or click and hold an image to share a post on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail etc. But this was not a feature that would be used often. The Meebo bar at the bottom of the page was also scrapped. A site which loads faster is better than a feature that is seldom used. Previously the home page would take about 12-13 seconds to load. By removing certain features which were not used that often, I was able to bring down the load time to just above 7 minutes. My blog is now 40% faster.   Link Luv: …

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Best of Both Worlds – The Story

First steps When I started blogging a few years back, the easiest name to remember was (AKA: blogspot). The article where I read about blogs did mention WordPress as well as some other name. But I chose to try my luck on Few years and a hundred odd posts later, I decided that blogger was not challenging enough and I decided to dip my toes in But as soon as I tried it out, I realized that it was much more restrictive than blogspot. I continued posting on blogspot until my earlier attempt at webdesign paid off. The Reward When I tried my hand at having my own website, the hottest name was Geocities (RIP). When they shut down their services and took off all the websites that were hosted offline, Dream Host offered me 2 years of free hosting along with a free domain name. And …

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One of the browser plugins that I have come across that makes your blog posts, e-mails rich in content is Zemanta. You can get it as a bookmarklet as well as a plugin. I prefer the plugin as it will recognize the page that I am on, new post page in WordPress, Email compose page etc, and adds content to a side bar based on what I am typing. It will also detect keywords in the post so that you can insert links to those posts automatically. I have been using Zementa for a while now, but never thought about posting about it until I came across this post from Rose. Keyword linking: This is probably one of the best feature of Zemanta. I post on various topics, but that does not mean those who are reading it will know about it. They might want to find out more about …

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Looking back

I am going to cheat on postaday2011 by rehashing my old post. I was arguing with a friend about when I got Gmail. I had the date around the end of May. Today I checked an old post and found that I had blogged on 9th June after finally getting my Gmail account. He had claimed he had it before 2004 which I knew was not possible. Wikipedia confirmed that Gmail was launched as an invitation only beta on 1st of April, 2004. Why am I not posting anything new? When I started blogging it was just cursorily about the new medium whereby you create your own website instantly. This was long back, when GeoCities where considered great for hosting websites (It offered 5 MB of storage) I was studying at that time, (mid to late 2000) and the blog was at Soon it lost its novelty and I stopped blogging for a …

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Google Friendconnect disabled

A few of you might have noticed that I was using Google Friend Connect as a commenting system. It meant I had to go to each time to moderate a comment. I had some misgiving about it since it was splitting the posts from its comments. But I still stayed with it because I didn’t want to make any changes. However, I had to change it today as I noticed that any trackbacks I received was not being displayed as the commending system was different from WordPress and one which didn’t support trackbacks. I have disabled Google Friend Connect from being used for comment; you can still use it to log in and leave a comment; you can also use your Gravatar ID, ID or you can just put in your name, email and website (if you have one) to leave a comment. The downside is I will …

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