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My Recent Aha! moment

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It is quite funny that WordPress decided to choose this as a topic for today, because I had an Aha! moment a while back; when I realized that the posts I make with the tags postaday2011 and postaweek2011 will not appear in Global Tag Surfer of since it will take those tags only from blogs hosted on

When I came upon this campaign from WordPress I was pretty excited since there was a collective effort from thousands of people to post at least 1 blog entry a day or a week. Anyone who looks at my posting history will be able to see that is one thing that I have failed to do.

All the while I had wordpress installed I had thought that my tags were being tracked by wordpress, and I was surprised to see that my recent tags were not being tracked. A quick search on revealed that I had no footprint at all on the site. At first I thought there must be a glitch on my installation since I was using WP API for various other plugins. But after some time I had to face the truth; only blogs were being tracked by Global Tag Surfer.

I have to say I am a bit disappointed, first because a self hosted wordpress installation is always considered better, and such a great feature missing from it was quite a dampener. But the fact that this feature can be coded into (highly unlikely), or could have been given as an extra plugin but isn’t was really disappointing.

Still, the basic idea behind dailypost is not about sharing link or getting traffic, it is about posting regularly. And for that it is not required that you have to be involved in the Global Tag Surfer. You could be having a blogspot account and still be involved in the initiative.

All is not lost though. A comment that I made was answered very quickly advising me to keep posting and WP might find a way to have self hosted WP blogs indexed as well.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this good information, both the article and the comments I have been very helpful,

  2. After trying to find my daily entries on the Global Tag surfer for a week now, I am glad to see that their is a simple (although slightly sad) solution to my problem. Still Post-a-day 2011 Challenge is still a good source for motivation.

    • I have a hack for it. At present some of my posts will appear in tag search. Trying to find a way to add all posts in bulk. You can expect a post regarding that soon.

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