Friday , 24 February 2017
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WMD – Weapon of Mosquito Destruction

There are many inventions and ideas that aren’t available to the public. Most common reason would be the effort to make a production version is too high when compared to the profit it could make. Then there are those products which are stupid but still make the inventor a lot of money. But I am sure you would be able to find those products even in your own home. I know I have been guilty of buying things on impulse. I came across a product that I found very interesting. Forget interesting, this is amazing and I want this now! Using laser to burn the wings of mosquitoes. I would be the dark emperor of a small area, but I would still be using laser and killing mosquitoes. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree to unwanted killing and definitely not massacre, but scientists have concluded that extinction of mosquitoes would ... Read More »

G(w)eekend @ Sunil’s

Warning!: Geek Porn. Unless you are a Level 1 Geek Initiate, you may experience drowsiness, deja-vu and confusion. Trying to do the steps below without Geek supervision might result in disassembled computer, lost data and unbootable Windows. Call a geek to put it back. I have been thinking about getting new hard disk for my computer. It has been running for 2 years and 10 months (powered on) and while this 160GB disk had survived a much younger 500GB hard disk and would probably outlive the 1TB external HDD, I didn’t want to push my luck. I haven’t lost data due to hard disk failure since 2003 and I didn’t want to start now. Moreover, I needed more space for Windows 7 and Ubuntu installation, steam games, pictures that were digitized and the slowly growing “digital photography collection”. In short, I bought a 2TB internal hard disk. For those who ... Read More »

Glider – Web-Based Email Client


If instant messages reduced the number of e-mail that you sent, social networking sites (facebook) has brought it down to virtually zero. A quick check at my sent items in Gmail shows that in the last 20 odd days I have sent barely 4 emails without counting e-mails related to work. But the amount of mails that I receive has increased with every passing year and its mostly junk. A study conducted on the impact of spam mails showed that a considerable amount of time is spend deleting spam mails. What about those mails which are not considered spam, but are still unwanted? I got thousands of unread emails just because I don’t know why I got it and I found it useless. If I had time, like I did pre-2005, I would categorize each of those mails with relevant labels and then forget about them. Even with the Gmail Labs’ SmartLabels, ... Read More »

50GB of Free Space on Box

50GB of free online storage on Read More »

Friday for Android

Friday for Android

“Forget to Remember” That is what Friday claims it will do. About the developers Friday is an Android app from Dexetra, the developers of Iris, a virtual assistant. Even though it does not have all the features as Siri, yet, it shows a lot of promise with constant updates and improvements. Iris (Siri in reverse) was created within 8 hours after Apple announced Siri and that was how many people heard about its developer Dextra and the sibling of Iris who has been gestating for a while now. About Friday Many people find it difficult to maintain a diary (me), but I wish I knew what I did a week or a month back. Sometimes I would know what I did, but would have no idea when I did it. Android has some apps which will export your call logs and SMSs to your Gmail inbox or to Google Calendar. ... Read More »

Free Facebook Cards from Moo

Facebook Card from

Who doesn’t love free stuff! Here is how you can get 50 free cards from based on your Facebook Timeline. I just ordered mine. This is how it looks like and you can have your quotes, Facebook vanity URL & E-mail address printed in the back. If you are one of those people who constantly change their cover image, then can have cards printed with each of those cover images, max 50. Did I mention that this is free only for the first 200,000 people? Here is how you get your Facebook Card.   Head over to Scroll down to “Contact Info” and hover over the business card icon next to it. and click on Print Cards. Follow the instructions. Remember, only the first 200,000 people will get the free card, so get it soon. Update: They are giving out 5000 a day, so if you don’t get it ... Read More »