Sunday , 20 October 2019
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Slaves to Convenience

There are quite a few shops that are open at night where I work. I usually frequent one of those shops to get my daily doze of tea (4-5 cups) or coffee. There is another shop right next to it which my friend prefer. The service at that shop is faster than at mine, mostly because they have tea already prepared and ready to be served in a kettle. However the pot they use to make tea makes me sick. It looks as it is 20 years old, with the amount of tea stain on it. I am not sure if the flavour they have is because of some special tea they use, or due to the accumulated flavours of various brands of tea that has stained the pot. These shops are available till about 1 in the morning. In the early hours of the morning, there are a couple …

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Eternal Life

Medicine has progressed so much that people expect to live to a very ripe age. Ripe? Make it rotten. Human beings ability to count time has made it one of the most interesting topic. People love to hear how old certain person has become and they what the average age is of a city, (older the better) so that they can go and live there. We are being a race dominated by old people. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against old people. They have seen it all, and more often than not, they are wiser because of that. But how many old people do you know who are wise, as opposed to knowledgeable? How many of those old people use it to the betterment of the society? How many of them do you see telling stories, whether it is about a ghost, World War II or their childhood …

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Music of a different note

When I was a kid, me and my cousin used to spend our vacations at my grandparents home. My grandparents lived in a village with more than 2 acres of land surrounding their house. The house was built spot in the middle of the land. The road, or lack of it, leading to the house was quite narrow and you could say it was almost a ditch. But once you were past that narrow walls, you entered a wide open space, a magical land. Countless days were spend there exploring, climbing trees and hills, excavating for hidden treasures, even hunting lion! You really should read my cousin’s account of that particular adventure. I could go on and on about the adventures we had, but I just wanted to let you know how isolated a place it was. There was a time when we didn’t have television there and by nightfall, we …

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Happy Birthday

Today is the birthday of my friend AS. At least I hope she is my friend. I wonder how you can recognize your own friends… I feel as if most people are very good actors. They seem to be so good at putting on the mask of a friend, but sometimes I feel that some of them are doing it, maybe so that I won’t be hurt, maybe they want a good image, or maybe it’s in their nature to pretend like that to everyone. It is very difficult to know true friends especially when they are online friends, because you don’t see them, you don’t hear them. All you see is typed words. A very good writer should not find it much difficult to make up great sentences by connecting sweet sounding words, which should be enough to melt the toughest of heart. Why is it that human beings pretend …

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I got Gmail

The good news is that I got a Gmail account. The bad news is that I got fever. I was really in a bad mood yesterday, mostly due to my condition. It is starting to rain very heavily here. High wind and a heavy downpour. The day is gonna be a washout. 😉

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I know I haven’t been very regular these few days. I can’t explain why. Because even I don’t know the reasons. Something interesting happened a few days ago. I was asleep and I had a dream. I dreamt that 2 guys were picking me up; one holding my leg and the other my shoulder. In order to get away I kicked the guy holding my legs. Unfortunately my leg came down with a huge force and got knocked at the foot of my bed. Now I have a bandage on my leg. So those who dream a lot… it’s just a dream guys… don’t take it seriously.

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