Wednesday , 23 April 2014
  • WMD – Weapon of Mosquito Destruction

    WMD – Weapon of Mosquito Destruction

    There are many inventions and ideas that aren’t available to the public. Most common reason wo...

  • Until No Child Is Wronged

    Until No Child Is Wronged

    I don’t think everyone is meant to marry. No, not everyone should not be allowed to marry! Whe...

  • Corporate Responsibility – Google Style

    Corporate Responsibility – Google Style

    I am not a management guru, but I did learn something about management and corporate responsibilitie...

  • Essence of Education

    Essence of Education

    Kids always have fun, especially in school. Maybe it was the time spend not studying and some of the...

  • Fool Circle – Repeating Our Mistakes

    Fool Circle – Repeating Our Mistakes

    Are we fixing the problem that we had fixed 6 months back? Are we making the same mistake, as a pers...

  • Give Me Your Soul

    Give Me Your Soul

    And I will give you 10 years of bliss! If you could live 10 years of your life in total bliss –...

  • Reviewing 2011

    Reviewing 2011

    Just like that, 2011 is over. What happened the past year? It went so fast I can’t believe a w...

  • God and Me

    God and Me

    Most people feel that I don’t believe in God and I wouldn’t blame them. Truth is, I have...

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Blog Reboot 2013

Blog Reboot 2013

  • How to prevent malware infection on your computer

    I work on other people’s computers, removing virus, spyware, Trojans and a lot of other trash. In most cases, I would also help fix some small issues with Windows or other programs on the computer. Day in and day out, I see people coming in with their computer infected with the latest malware. Ever since I got my first computer, almost 10 years ago, only once have my computer been infected. That happened when I tried to run a program that came from a very bad website (I was trying to download a crack while half asleep.) Until now, I ... Read More »