Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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Google Friendconnect disabled

A few of you might have noticed that I was using Google Friend Connect as a commenting system. It meant I had to go to each time to moderate a comment. I had some misgiving about it since it was splitting the posts from its comments. But I still stayed with it because I didn’t want to make any changes. However, I had to change it today as I noticed that any trackbacks I received was not being displayed as the commending system was different from WordPress and one which didn’t support trackbacks. I have disabled Google Friend Connect from being used for comment; you can still use it to log in and leave a comment; you can also use your Gravatar ID, ID or you can just put in your name, email and website (if you have one) to leave a comment. The downside is I will …

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My Recent Aha! moment

Topic: Describe a recent Aha! moment | The Daily Post at It is quite funny that WordPress decided to choose this as a topic for today, because I had an Aha! moment a while back; when I realized that the posts I make with the tags postaday2011 and postaweek2011 will not appear in Global Tag Surfer of since it will take those tags only from blogs hosted on When I came upon this campaign from WordPress I was pretty excited since there was a collective effort from thousands of people to post at least 1 blog entry a day or a week. Anyone who looks at my posting history will be able to see that is one thing that I have failed to do. All the while I had wordpress installed I had thought that my tags were being tracked by wordpress, and I was surprised to see that my recent tags were not being …

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Post-a-day – Day 2

So I decided that I will make the blog public again. So far very few people knew about it, and I never felt it necessary to invite people to the blog. However, yesterday, for no particular reason, I updated the site field on Facebook. And right now, I am updating the same on my Twitter Profile. I have absolutely no idea why I am doing this, since I was very satisfied with the way things have been going till now. Maybe it has something to do with the postaday2011 challenge. Anyhow, I spend the last 2 hours looking at other posts tagged with postaday2011 and I couldn’t find anything inspiring. Is postaday2011 too much that the quality of content will be very low? Maybe I should switch to postaweek2011. WordPress does provide some great “apps” (the word app has been voted as the word of the year by the American Dialect Society) …

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Google Nexus One

My new phone is, wait for it… GOOGLE NEXUS ONE!!! I got my hands on this gorgeous gadget a couple of weeks back, and I am hooked to it. I know I don’t write much, but after getting this phone, I figured I won’t be back got a long long time. But when I found WordPress for Android, I could not resist myself, I just had to write something. Why don’t you enjoy the pictures that I took while I check some of the other features. Related articles by Zemanta Post To WordPress From Anywhere With WpToGo [Android] ( WordPress for Android Writes and Edits Posts on the Go [Downloads] (

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Blogging 5.0; Or is it 7.0?

Another migration, this time from Blogger to WordPress. I have lost count of the number of blogs I have had over the years. I must have had around 5 or 6 blogs on Blogger alone, 2 on Rediff and a few others, God knows where. On the plus side, I have retained my previous posts this time. Imported everything, but I still have not decided whether to stick with Self Hosted WordPress. With blogger, you knew that your blog will always be there; it had the power and money of Google behind it. But with this, I am flying solo. The moment I forget to pay for hosting, 2 years from now, my blog could be gone for ever. Remind me to take frequent backup. The work is not over yet. I still have to work on the logo, which right now is the default logo that came with the …

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Starting a blog; The Inertia

I have written on several blogs, but every time I start a new blog, I have an inertia, a starting problem, which cannot be attributed to a specific reason. It seems that all those things I wanted to post on a blog, so that I won’t forget them, have vanished from my head. What an irony; I start a blog so that I can recall the idea’s which I get from time to time, and so that I can improve upon it, after sometime, with fresh inputs, but when I post on a blog, I don’t even remember what I wanted to post. Very well, what I have forgotten is now the past. At least I have started the blog. Now all I have to do is wait till those ideas comes back to me, or else till new ideas storm into my brains and make the gray cells twinkle …

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