Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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First hand report of a fight

It has been a week since I left Bangalore and came home. And I have been sitting in front of the computer, just browsing. I haven’t even decided when I want to join my new company. But that has to change, I am beginning to get tired of sitting in front of the computer all day and I am running out of cash. Doing nothing can be really expensive. I sometimes wonder how people can be so careless, stupid and inconsiderate. I had to take my laptop for servicing yesterday and had taken my bike. As luck would have it, I lost the key. I had parked my bike on the roadside and walked 5 meters into the building and was at no time further then 5 meters from the bike. But the key got lost and I couldn’t find it anywhere, not on me, not on the bike and …

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Pownce, Twitter and me

Pownce; the latest in the ever-increasing social networking and microblogging Web 2.0 sites. I did join in almost immediately. Well as soon as I could, which was about a week after it took off, I guess. It would be easy to push it off as just another in the never-ending line, and I am sure most people do that, because not even a single person whom I invited joined. So what do I do, I gave the rest of my invitations for those who were asking for it. But sometimes, when you are bombarded with so many web-sites, you might let one gem slip past you. I joined Twitter late, but the feature I love in Twitter is the ability to send or receive SMS. It has endless possibilities. Similarly, Pownce too has a special feature that makes it invaluable. It is the ability to send files to your friends, …

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Thank you

I was at my wits end, because I wanted to use Blogger instead of WordPress. But Blogger doesn’t support Trackbacks. I got to thank Singpolyma for the greasemonkey script which allows me to send trackback pings. I still can’t get incoming Tackbacks, and his suggestion was to use Haloscan. But due to certain constraints I don’t intend to do that. I will have to learn to survive with backlinks, I guess. And for those of you who want to install Trackback URL on Blogger head on to Singpolyma Thanks a lot Dude!

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Enough of representative government, I want a participatory government

I remember a time, when I was taught political science, I was told that a participatory form of government is not realistic because no one would be able to come together and create decisions together at the same time. But that was ages ago, long before I first heard the term computer or Internet. That was a time when communication was primarily through “inland letters”, a time when phone calls were made to communicate urgent matters and that too limited to the affluent. The times have changed. This is the age of exit polls, of emails, social networks and SMSs. At a time when news channels can get the pulse of the nation by conducting polls and mobile service providers can get feedback on their service through SMS surveys, I don’t understand why I cant participate in the day to day working of the government through the same way. I …

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Post Independent India

More than half a century back, long before most of us were born, Mahatma Gandhi introduced a few innovative tactics to bring the British to their knees. We, the present generation all over the world applaud it even to this date because being the savages that we are, we are mesmerized by the lack of violence. Unfortunately, to this date, many people are unaware, and those who are aware choose to ignore, the reason why he was so successful. Non-violence was just a strategy, one that Gandhi believed in, but still just a strategy to frustrate the British. The real weapons that broke the British back were non-cooperation and civil disobedience. Instead of non-violent non-cooperation and non-violent civil disobedience, he could have chosen violent non-cooperation and violent civil disobedience. The result would have been the same, but the defeat would have been crushing and humiliating to the British. Instead of …

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Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch

JOHN TIERNEY of the www.nytimes.com writes how Our Lives might be controlled from some guy’s couchRead the article before you move down. Let me quote René Descartes, “I think, therefore I am”. It can be argued that the ‘thought’ is planted in our mind, and so, just because I think does not mean I exist. Some might even say that I exist, but in a VR program. If I am indeed a part of a VR program, then am I writing this because someone else is making me write it? I don’t think so. Because, I am writing it instead of the guy next to me. Either the VR program has to select me as a person who will write something, or has to choose me at random. If I was chosen at random, then I am getting chosen a lot of times. If I was supposed to write, then …

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