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Our Lives, Controlled From Some Guy’s Couch

JOHN TIERNEY of the writes how Our Lives might be controlled from some guy’s couchRead the article before you move down. Let me quote René Descartes, “I think, therefore I am”. It can be argued that the ‘thought’ is planted in our mind, and so, just because I think does not mean I exist. Some might even say that I exist, but in a VR program. If I am indeed a part of a VR program, then am I writing this because someone else is making me write it? I don’t think so. Because, I am writing it instead of the guy next to me. Either the VR program has to select me as a person who will write something, or has to choose me at random. If I was chosen at random, then I am getting chosen a lot of times. If I was supposed to write, then …

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US Presidential candidates position

There was a long discussion about Obama’s threat to nuke Pakistan territories at the Mutiny Continuing on that thread I had suggested that someone should educate people on the stance taken by the politicians on various issues and how it would affect India.It seems someone had already done the research, and I got this chart from here Click on the picture to see it better. It does not give any information how it would affect India, but still it is a place to start.How do you think these candidates would affect politics in India? Are they going to prevent further war, or continue with the current war? Eight of the Republicans are all for the Iraq and six of them think troops should be increased. Considering that Americans want US to withdraw from the war, we might be looking at a Democrat victory.It raises further questions. One president has started …

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Do you see an epic in the making?

Published in such a commercialized world might just turn out to be the undoing of Harry Potter. Would Rowling cave in to the pleadings of young and not so young fans, the demands of publishers and the lure of more money and start working on another series of Harry Potter as she has hinted? I am yet to see a movie that lived up to the hype of a book. Let me rephrase that, most movies based on books I have seen so far has disappointed me to a certain extend, except ‘Jurassic Park’. Even though the book was much better, the movie was good enough to keep you glued to the seat, with no threads hanging lose. When I think about it, almost all novels of Michael Crichton made into a movie has been able to live up to the hype. Now whether I should thank the screenwriter or …

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To Fight or to Fold – II

I know that it has been a long time since my last post regarding a switchover to Linux, but later I felt that there was more I wanted to say on the topic and hence this sequel. I am sure that many people would not be too happy to switch over to Linux, since it is an unexplored area. And frankly, most of the people who have used Linux were happy not to dispel the common impression that… Those who use Linux are highly intelligent. You can’t get software for daily use on Linux Linux is a complex piece of software to install and to use. There might be some truth in it, but the truth has been twisted to such an extend that most people just like to hear and see it, rather than do it. It is true that people who use Linux are intelligent, but only because …

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Business best practices

Change please: Most often when I go to buy something, and if the total comes to certain amount and then some change, the merchant would usually give me a candy. Now how many candies would I eat in one day? And what if I don’t want to eat candy? I can understand it if I were to make a phone call from a coin booth, then I need to give change, but at a shop where there is change, why can’t they give me exact change. Isn’t it the responsibility of the merchant to give exact change? I have refused to accept goods in lieu of money, sometimes letting them keep the change as a mark of protest. Only problem is, they would consider that as a profit, instead of insult. Here is my new model of protest, if they give me candy, I would accept it, but the next …

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World depends on India's technical skills: Nasscom chairman

“We have to bridge the gap by providing additional training to the people who are coming out of colleges so that they are industry-ready. The Nasscom initiative in that area is setting up finishing schools.” – Lakshmi Narayanan Great idea! I am glad that some initiative is being taken up to raise the quality of the educated population in India. But is it enough? Who are these finishing schools targeting? Students fresh out of engineering colleges? Is anyone bothered about the quality of education imparted at the school level? We have millions of students passing out of schools every year. But the education they have received is just to pass the examination. The quality of education required in this age of globalization is much higher than what is imparted at most schools. Even most of the teachers who are supposed to teach are not ‘qualified’ enough to work in a …

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