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Enough of representative government, I want a participatory government

I remember a time, when I was taught political science, I was told that a participatory form of government is not realistic because no one would be able to come together and create decisions together at the same time. But that was ages ago, long before I first heard the term computer or Internet. That was a time when communication was primarily through “inland letters”, a time when phone calls were made to communicate urgent matters and that too limited to the affluent. The times have changed. This is the age of exit polls, of emails, social networks and SMSs. At a time when news channels can get the pulse of the nation by conducting polls and mobile service providers can get feedback on their service through SMS surveys, I don’t understand why I cant participate in the day to day working of the government through the same way. I …

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gPhone, gGPS and gMaps

Rumor has it that Google would be announcing there ‘gPhone’ soon, probably sometime after September 3rd and the most authoritative source seems to be What it will be is still a mystery. There are rumors that Google may just provide a platform for phone manufacturers, based on linux. But no one has yet ruled out an actual hardware from Google. Since I don’t have an inside contact in Google, I don’t have any first hand or groundbreaking information. But I have been poking around and I believe that Google will be entering into the cell space. Those who have checked Google Maps would have noticed that a lot of updates have gone into it. As far as India is concerned many major cities have been updated with street names, hospitals, schools and places of interest. Some streets are marked as one-way. Obviously Google is going to provide GPS in …

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Bad Starbucks – No Donut for you!

Bad Customer service – Burning BrewIt was too good to last. Starbucks burns its customer with a cup of coffee. Doesn’t help him with the burn, don’t pay his medical bill, and claims safety procedures are company confidential.

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Customer service at its best – another one

Above And Beyond: Point And Click Appliance Repair Refunds Part Of Your Shipping Fee Because You Live Nearby – Consumerist:Looks as if the world is not such a bad place after all. Here is another example of good customer service where the company gave a discount on shipping because the guy lived nearby.

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Customer service at its best – Go Google!!!

Official Google Blog: An update on Google Video feedback Here is the link to the official Google blog regarding refund on Google Video. They made a mistake that made a lot of people see red. But Google came back saying sorry, and they have won my heart for the best Customer Care of the year, no, make it the decade. I wish other companies would take a few lessons from Google.

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Post Independent India

More than half a century back, long before most of us were born, Mahatma Gandhi introduced a few innovative tactics to bring the British to their knees. We, the present generation all over the world applaud it even to this date because being the savages that we are, we are mesmerized by the lack of violence. Unfortunately, to this date, many people are unaware, and those who are aware choose to ignore, the reason why he was so successful. Non-violence was just a strategy, one that Gandhi believed in, but still just a strategy to frustrate the British. The real weapons that broke the British back were non-cooperation and civil disobedience. Instead of non-violent non-cooperation and non-violent civil disobedience, he could have chosen violent non-cooperation and violent civil disobedience. The result would have been the same, but the defeat would have been crushing and humiliating to the British. Instead of …

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