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Is this nation going to the dogs?

Is Delhi playing into the hands of terrorists? On the 15th of January, when ID cards are made mandatory for citizens in Delhi, we might as well surrender arms to the terrorists. Is our capital under siege? There might still be some remote place in India, where a person’s identity is his face. Not anymore, at least in Delhi. Police will be authorized to do random checks on citizens from the 15th and anyone who fails to produce an ID card can very well end up in jail. YS Dadwal, Commissioner, Delhi Police says, ”We will be doing random checks and who ever we find suspicious will be asked for ID.” This raises a lot of questions. First and foremost, how is suspicious defined? Is it really defined, or is it up to the discretion of the officer making the check? If an officer has a grudge against anyone, what …

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More on Intense Debate

Here is the follow up on intensedebate, the new commenting system that I have on my blog. I had signed up for beta testing so long back, that for a time I thought I would never be invited to test it out. Then one find day, I got an email giving me the link to install intensedebate on my blog. I checked the date to find that it was sent 9 days back. Blame it all on me and my habit of keeping different mail accounts for different purposes. I installed the comment system, only to find out that intensedebate has become open beta as soon as I installed it. That was really depressing. I had waited for so many months but anyone who signs up now can get it immediately. Well, that is how the cookie crumbles. Should I give a review about intensedebate? I don’t think so, because …

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Intense Debate

I just got a major upgrade for my blog. Intense Debate, the new commenting system on the block, and guys, it really rocks. Check it out for yourself.It has imported all my previous comments to itself, and as I have enabled moderation new comments would not appear immediately.The best thing about intense debate is the threaded commenting system. But that is not all, with Intense Debate everyone can rate each other, so think twice before if you are thinking of writing something stupid. 😛But the feature that I think has more potential is actually a by product, if that is the right word. Regular users would be commenting on each others blog, and while it is possible without ID, here it becomes more personal, and streamlined.Got to go for work, so expect me to write more on this at a later time. In the meantime, maybe you should think about …

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I have been using Facebook for quite some time, and Orkut for a really long time. While I had better luck finding my old classmates on Orkut, my experience with it was never thrilling. But on the other hand, Facebook is proving dearer to me with its flexibility. It is quite surprising that Orkut, a product of Google, which is known for their stand on open source and open access has failed to incorporate their corporate principles into Orkut, where as Facebook is doing exactly that. On Facebook I have been able to create a list of books I have read, is reading and want to read, which is visible to all my friends. I can get quotes from Calving & Hobbs or F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Thomas Jefferson. I can import my blog entries into my Facebook profile where it will be visible to my friends. Orkut has the same feature, …

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First hand report of a fight

It has been a week since I left Bangalore and came home. And I have been sitting in front of the computer, just browsing. I haven’t even decided when I want to join my new company. But that has to change, I am beginning to get tired of sitting in front of the computer all day and I am running out of cash. Doing nothing can be really expensive. I sometimes wonder how people can be so careless, stupid and inconsiderate. I had to take my laptop for servicing yesterday and had taken my bike. As luck would have it, I lost the key. I had parked my bike on the roadside and walked 5 meters into the building and was at no time further then 5 meters from the bike. But the key got lost and I couldn’t find it anywhere, not on me, not on the bike and …

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Google and gPhone

Continuing on my previous post on the gPhone, there are rumors that gPhone will cost around $100 and that it will be available in the first quarter of 2008. It is expected to be announced sometime next week or maybe the following week. An HTC employee is supposed to have leaked that the company is talking with Google and has around 20 prototypes that might become the gPhone. Maybe one, maybe quite a few. Bloggers have figured out that Google had bought a company that was developing a Linux based mobile operating system and hence it is likely that Google had purchased the company with the objective of creating a mobile operating system well integrated with its products. It is also said that the gPhone will have Wi-Fi capabilities, will be 3G enabled and will have a 3-inch display. It is unknown what kind of input system Google is planning …

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