Monday , 18 November 2019
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Slaves to Convenience

There are quite a few shops that are open at night where I work. I usually frequent one of those shops to get my daily doze of tea (4-5 cups) or coffee. There is another shop right next to it which my friend prefer. The service at that shop is faster than at mine, mostly because they have tea already prepared and ready to be served in a kettle. However the pot they use to make tea makes me sick. It looks as it is 20 years old, with the amount of tea stain on it. I am not sure if the flavour they have is because of some special tea they use, or due to the accumulated flavours of various brands of tea that has stained the pot. These shops are available till about 1 in the morning. In the early hours of the morning, there are a couple …

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Eternal Life

Medicine has progressed so much that people expect to live to a very ripe age. Ripe? Make it rotten. Human beings ability to count time has made it one of the most interesting topic. People love to hear how old certain person has become and they what the average age is of a city, (older the better) so that they can go and live there. We are being a race dominated by old people. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against old people. They have seen it all, and more often than not, they are wiser because of that. But how many old people do you know who are wise, as opposed to knowledgeable? How many of those old people use it to the betterment of the society? How many of them do you see telling stories, whether it is about a ghost, World War II or their childhood …

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Changing gears

I had a busy week; I had an interesting week. I have been busy with work, and for some reason, I am sleeping more these days and I really want to know why. Problem is, with the extended period of sleep and with a busy work schedule, my blog posting routine has gone for a toss. I used to come back from work, read through some blog posts, and then write one. And on top of this, I had an urge to read some books of Jeffrey Archer, which I had read before, quite a few times. Maybe I should tag this under postaweek2011 instead of postaday2011. Update: I installed Ubuntu, again. But this time I installed it as a virtual machine, which means I won’t have to reboot my computer to switch between Windows and Ubuntu. Rant: I hate it when people go out of their way to get …

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I am but a mortal

Everyone that I have come into contact with has made a difference in my life, without anyone ever knowing about it. Then there are those who made a difference to everyones lives. Take any personality that you have heard of from a few different sources, word of mouth, television, newspaper; they all have made an impact on a lot of people. Then there are those people who are known for a specific reason, a movie star, sports icon, business tycoon, politician. They have become a part of our lives and a part of human history. Most of us wish that we were rich/famous or important as those celebrities, we wish our names were remembered for generations and when people spoke of us, they spoke with awe and respect. I am human and I too wish for it, sometimes. But there are moments of clarity when I realize how unimportant I …

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Success of a good educational system

I remember when I was learning the multiplication tables I used recite it. It was like a poem, a lot of words (numbers) that somehow rhymed. Even the teachers taught everyone to sing the multiplication tables. My father stopped me and showed me how the numbers related to each other and the symbols (x and +) caused a change the relation. For eg: 2×2 would translate to 2+2 2×3 would translate to 2+2+2 The teachers probably felt that teaching this to 50+ students would be a bit difficult, considering the short attention span of the kids and the amount of time that needs to be invested. Compared to that, teaching the kids to sing multiplication table would be very easy. I would say I was lucky. Unfortunately, kids learn the answers but they won’t learn how they got to that answer. Over the years, the intelligence of these kids will …

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Rebooting your computer is like girls. Necessary evil. Reinstalling OS is like marriage. Only if you have to. Replacing your computer is like divorce. Only if it doesn’t work out.

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