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Post Independent India

More than half a century back, long before most of us were born, Mahatma Gandhi introduced a few innovative tactics to bring the British to their knees. We, the present generation all over the world applaud it even to this date because being the savages that we are, we are mesmerized by the lack of violence. Unfortunately, to this date, many people are unaware, and those who are aware choose to ignore, the reason why he was so successful. Non-violence was just a strategy, one that Gandhi believed in, but still just a strategy to frustrate the British. The real weapons that broke the British back were non-cooperation and civil disobedience. Instead of non-violent non-cooperation and non-violent civil disobedience, he could have chosen violent non-cooperation and violent civil disobedience. The result would have been the same, but the defeat would have been crushing and humiliating to the British. Instead of …

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National Portal of India : Interesting facts about India

National Portal of India : Interesting facts about India:Follow up on my previous post. Most Indians I am sure would have already received this as e-mail forwards.

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Indians predated Newton 'discovery' by 250 years

Indians predated Newton ‘discovery’ by 250 years:Tell me something new… It is known that a lot of “New” discoveries were well known in ancient India, be it in medicine, mathematics or space.

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World depends on India's technical skills: Nasscom chairman

“We have to bridge the gap by providing additional training to the people who are coming out of colleges so that they are industry-ready. The Nasscom initiative in that area is setting up finishing schools.” – Lakshmi Narayanan Great idea! I am glad that some initiative is being taken up to raise the quality of the educated population in India. But is it enough? Who are these finishing schools targeting? Students fresh out of engineering colleges? Is anyone bothered about the quality of education imparted at the school level? We have millions of students passing out of schools every year. But the education they have received is just to pass the examination. The quality of education required in this age of globalization is much higher than what is imparted at most schools. Even most of the teachers who are supposed to teach are not ‘qualified’ enough to work in a …

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To Fight or to Fold

PastGujarat (INDIA) is the land of Mahatma Gandhi who took to Satyagraha, the non-violence movement, as a weapon against the British to demand India’s freedom. PresentAnti-Piracy Antagonism Movement! The reseller community of Gujarat declared a one-day General Strike (notoriously known as Bandh in India) to protest against Microsoft for serving an anti-piracy notice to them.Seems Microsoft served a notice on a reseller for installing a pirated version of Windows. Now I am sure everyone would wonder what is wrong in that. I agree that piracy is common place in India, and with the high price that Microsoft charges on its software, Indians are not left with a lot of options. But how can you justify such an action. All Microsoft was trying to do was protect their interest. And to compare it with Satyagraha, that is a sacrilege. I don’t think Gandhi would have approved of it.I am sure everyone …

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Making a mountain…

A lot of people have been sending me messages about an anti-India community in Orkut. Here is one. INDIAN’S blood should boil … PLZ ACT FAST !!here are some pakistanis who have started a community ‘V Hate India’the main pic is of our national flag is in black n white… looking at that any indians blood should burn…We have to stop them. if you cant do much atleast go to this community and click on “report as abuse”, orkut will remove that community after 1000 such reports, please pass this 2 allUr frnds…. do it 4 our hospitality n respect on our country. Just 5 min Job……….Pls Have we degraded so much that the most populous democracy in the world wants to stifle a weak protest of a fellow human being. What does it matter to an Indian if some people doesn’t like us, or our country. Should be …

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