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A World War in Cricket?

I wasted my last two days at work reading the updates from down under. Bad umpiring, bad sportsmanship?, thrilling game of cricket and practically a war breaking out. It all started when bad umpiring robbed India from drawing the series and breaking the Australian winning streak. We will never know whether India would have won the match or not, but it is certain that India could have at least drawn the match. Let us be fair and give credit where it is due. Australia is a great team, and it has won practically everywhere, and winning against them is the ultimate satisfaction any team can have. During their previous winning streak, they had defeated all other test playing nation before their run was stopped by the Indian team. I am not trying to belittle any other team, but it is true that only the Indian team has the ability raise …

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Is this nation going to the dogs?

Is Delhi playing into the hands of terrorists? On the 15th of January, when ID cards are made mandatory for citizens in Delhi, we might as well surrender arms to the terrorists. Is our capital under siege? There might still be some remote place in India, where a person’s identity is his face. Not anymore, at least in Delhi. Police will be authorized to do random checks on citizens from the 15th and anyone who fails to produce an ID card can very well end up in jail. YS Dadwal, Commissioner, Delhi Police says, ”We will be doing random checks and who ever we find suspicious will be asked for ID.” This raises a lot of questions. First and foremost, how is suspicious defined? Is it really defined, or is it up to the discretion of the officer making the check? If an officer has a grudge against anyone, what …

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Yahoo Text

Good news is that my yahoo mail account is out of beta, but the bad news is that the much anticipated facility of sending message to mobile directly from mail interface does not seem to be working. I tried sending SMS to my Airtel number, and I am still waiting for it. Let me search through Yahoo help; maybe they have listed the supported networks. In the meantime, has anyone been successful in sending message to mobile, either to Airtel or to any other network? Let me know in comments. Update Yahoo does support Airtel in India. If they support then how come I am not receiving any SMS? Here is a list of supported networks. The catch is that you can message a number only four times. After that your friend has to send a reply before you can send messages to him. I think I will stick with …

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Karnataka bans sale of mobile phones to kids

Karnataka bans sale of mobile phones to kids: “Karnataka bans sale of mobile phones to kids” How stupid can the politicians get? Ban of sale and ban of use are both completely different. It doesn’t say anything about the usage, except for educational institutions. But if they ban the use of mobile phone, then isn’t that in violation of my rights? A mobile phone is not similar to a cigarette or liquor to be banned. The sale of tobacco liquor and mobile to minors are banned, but what would they do if they catch a minor smoking or drinking?

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Kalam, Shekhawat still homeless in New Delhi

Kalam, Shekhawat still homeless in New Delhi: “Kalam, Shekhawat still homeless in New Delhi” If that is the case of ex-President and ex-Vice President then what is the fate of the common man?

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Enough of representative government, I want a participatory government

I remember a time, when I was taught political science, I was told that a participatory form of government is not realistic because no one would be able to come together and create decisions together at the same time. But that was ages ago, long before I first heard the term computer or Internet. That was a time when communication was primarily through “inland letters”, a time when phone calls were made to communicate urgent matters and that too limited to the affluent. The times have changed. This is the age of exit polls, of emails, social networks and SMSs. At a time when news channels can get the pulse of the nation by conducting polls and mobile service providers can get feedback on their service through SMS surveys, I don’t understand why I cant participate in the day to day working of the government through the same way. I …

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