Wednesday , 20 November 2019
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I have been using Facebook for quite some time, and Orkut for a really long time. While I had better luck finding my old classmates on Orkut, my experience with it was never thrilling. But on the other hand, Facebook is proving dearer to me with its flexibility. It is quite surprising that Orkut, a product of Google, which is known for their stand on open source and open access has failed to incorporate their corporate principles into Orkut, where as Facebook is doing exactly that. On Facebook I have been able to create a list of books I have read, is reading and want to read, which is visible to all my friends. I can get quotes from Calving & Hobbs or F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Thomas Jefferson. I can import my blog entries into my Facebook profile where it will be visible to my friends. Orkut has the same feature, …

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Blog on Facebook

It took some time, but I was able to get my RSS feeds on my Facebook profile. It shouldn’t have been so hard, but a couple of things made it hard. I didn’t like any of the application on Facebook, and the one I felt I might like didn’t want to work. Only one thing was left to do, pull it on Notes application. But Notes would allow only 1 blog to be imported, and I wanted to import two. One is this blog and the other is my other blog where I give vent to my feelings and random thoughts. It is Lost in thought. I have been hearing about Yahoo Pipes and decided to try it out. I had already spent hours, and I was beginning to get frustrated. Pipes needed some getting used to. But considering its capabilities I think it is extremely user friendly, but a …

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