Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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HR "LOVES" Hotmail

Seems Microsoft is losing favor everywhere. Users hate Windows, even if most of them use it. Other companies hate it, even if their business is flourishing because of it, and so on and so forth…. Old Bill must be wondering what he did wrong to get the wrong end of the stick. Here is something more. HR people hates Hotmail. The reason… You can’t pretend being an internet expert and use a Hotmail account at the same time. You can read the full story here, or if you are interested in reading the original Spanish version you can do so here. So if you don’t have an email, which goes something like @hotmail.com, then better use some other email address. No, not Yahoo, thats too common. Gmail is good, but then now its out of beta, so anyone can have it. Try something exotic. Or maybe you can try to …

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Firefox & Google

I am a big fan of Firefox these days. It all started because IE started acting up with Gmail. Problem with the security settings. I tried changing the settings, but it seems there is some problem with the XP as a whole. I been having problem with it ever since I got my laptop back.Well, I had installed Firefox a long time back, and I just started using it. I wasn’t a big fan of tabbed browsing, but now I am. Multiple home pages, now thats a good feature, though IE 7 is supposed to have it. But what I love the most, is the customization that is available with all the add-ons that are available.I have been a fan of Google for a long time now. But recently I started using Google Calendar and Google Reader. Amazing products that you should use, if you are not using it already. …

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