Monday , 16 September 2019
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Quit India Notice given to foreigners

India is has been sitting on the wall as far as the Tibet issue is concerned. While it could not anger the international government and its own voters, it has been reluctant to do anything that would cause a strain on Indo-China relationship. Strange that China does not feel the same way. China does not feel shy when it wants to show its strength or rebuke India and the world community. It is sad to see that successive Indian government going weaker and weaker in the knees. While India has tried it best to avoid making a statement supporting Tibet, it has made sure that the residents in India do not anger the Chinese too much. But China claims India is not doing enough. Recent development shows India is not concerned about the international opinion. But it is certainly concerned about the opinion of voters. The government has allowed peaceful …

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Because I had nothing better to do

I haven’t had viral fever in a long time, and I had forgotten how terrible and boring it can be. I have barely moved out of my room in the past 2 days and I find myself watching the Knight Rider series while in between checking the progress of Torchwood series that I am downloading. I have been downloading it for the past 3 or 4 days, and I am getting only a fraction of the speed available to me. Well, it is not the problem with the ISP, its just that there is only 1 seed and about 300+ people trying to download it. I am hoping it will be over today; I am down to the last 400 MB, 96% complete. Usually when I am sick, I found myself thinking a lot, but while thinking about it today, I found that this time I did not involve myself …

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I Survived

I had promised myself that I would change the blog template and risk my life by writing a testimonial for my sister on Orkut. Well, I did both, and fortunately I am still alive. I had written the testimonial for my sister when I was feeling quite down, so it came out as a compliment for her instead of an insult as I feared. The first thing that I did was change the blog template, and unfortunately Silverine didn’t like it!!! I can’t believe I am trying to please everyone, this was not the person I was when I started this blog. I don’t like this new “me”, but then change is inevitable and whether I like it or not, it can only help in improving what I am now. Maybe I will learn how to be a better social animal. After getting the feedback from Silverine, I went back …

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Do you like listening to online radio just because you get to listen to some great music? Music, that you would not have heard otherwise? I do, but only problem is I don’t sit in front of my computer all the time to listen to music and so there is a chance I would miss a majority of those great tunes. They only other option is to record it, but considering that I am downloading something or the other almost all the time, the recording is not going to sound good. But here is a new website which lets you record all the radio shows you want; at least the ones they have, you can’t add your own radio show. But, they have such a huge collection of radio shows that you will be able to listen to only a small percentage of the total recordings. Oh right, I forgot …

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India blamed for food shortage, really?

“Bush theory rubbished”, that was the first headline I saw when I went to get some tea today morning. Reading further, I quote from the Sunday Express, “US President George W Bush joined Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in blaming the rising prosperity of India’s huge middle class for the spiralling(sic) global food prices”. So it really wasn’t Bush’s theory. Give credit where it is due, won’t you? But that incensed me, how could anyone blame us Indian middle class (and the Chinese)for making more money and spending it on food, does the rest of the world want us to be under nourished just because they didn’t want to spend more? I decided to dig deeper, and was I surprised! What did he say?He said there was scarcity in the world. He said there is no scarcity in USA, but it was costing Americans more to feed themselves, but Americans …

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To Do List, aka My Will

I am planning to do something really bad. So bad that the repercussion might vary from social humiliation to murder; mine. I had promised my cousin that I will write a testimonial, months back. I came upon a draft I had written, and realized that I need to write a testimonial. She is going to accuse me of laziness, and after what I am planning to write, she might make sure that my friends are aware of my secrets that I would find myself friendless in Orkut, a place where even the strangest of people have hundreds of friends, or she might just kill me. The next thing that I have to do is something that a “very polite” reader pointed out to me. The exact words were, “p.s this template sucks!” Thanks Silverine, I will see if it is possible to switch to something better. <secret message> Promise me …

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