Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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Women's Intuition

I met with an accident almost 3 months back and after one surgery I am still hobbling on crutches.  It hasn’t been easy, and it is not going to be easy for the next few months. However, I have been able to see how helpful people can be when they find that someone needs help. Friends accompany me when I go on a break, even when I insist that I can take care of myself. People open doors for me and Shibu, the tea vendor at office cafeteria comes up to me to make sure that I have everything I need. Strangers strike up conversation when they find me sitting alone. People likes to talk, you just need to give them something to talk about. Yesterday when I fell down, about half a dozen people appeared at my side in an instant to get me back on my feet. Everyone …

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Happy New Year

A very happy new year to all the non-readers of this blog, and since I am still in bed after the accident, it doesn’t make sense wishing me one. Since no one else knows about this new blog address, I am the only reader, and hence the reader does not get a new year greeting. Last year I wrote why I felt the year was the most important of the century, considering all the events that took place. (Link) This new year I hope to eat those words, because otherwise this year is going to be pretty boring. Congratulations to Anjali for seeing off 2008 by posting her 250th blog post. Her posts are always entertaining, and I hope she will post more in 2009. (Link) Last but not the least, to a Medico who lost so much in 2008. (Link) A person who writes so much about things unknown …

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Crazy Christmas

I don’t have a life! It is Christmas and the first thing that I do on waking up is play F-22 Lightning 3, a game so old that there is no product page any more and the last update was in 1999. After fulfilling my childhood dream of being a fighter pilot, I decided to check what was eating up space on my C drive. WinDirStat is a tool that anyone who can install an OS should have on their computer. It will show you which files are using up most space and the file type. As I suspected the page file was eating up more than 2 GB and after setting up my computer to clear page file automatically, I was browsing the folders when I noticed something strange. Firefox was my default browser, until Google came up with Chrome . Since Chrome still does not have extensions and RSS …

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all those who are reading this, which obviously is no one as I just imported all my posts to this new sub-domain. Well, I do hope that whoever is reading this and all those people who are not reading this are having a better Christmas than I am. Don’t know what I am talking about? Check my previous post. Another wonderful news is that one of my best friend is going to be a mother. Congratulations to her!!! Unfortunately she loves babies, all babies, too much. So once the baby arrives, I doubt if she would leave its side. Everyone who loves her would want the best for her, so whatever makes her happy is gonna make me and her family happy.

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I am back

A little over 4 months has passed since my last post and I think I may be ready to admit that I am not persistent. It all started when I started playing an online game. I was addicted to it for a while that I stopped replying to my mails. I got over the game soon, but instead of my old routine, I had other things to do. Long story short, I stopped reading blogs and stopped updating mine too. There would not have been any change, except,I met with an accident, again. Now I have casts on my leg as well as my arm which means I can’t move around much. After doing everything else possible, I have decided to look at my blog once more. Writing a blog is not that enjoyable, because I have only one hand to type.To type at less than 20 WPM after being …

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Two Girls Cross LOC to Escape Forced Marriage

I am late to sleep and I got to go to work in 6 hours. But when I was about to sleep I remembered this news item I read earlier today at work. How would two Muslim girls from Pakistan feel when men, that too of the Indian Army, surround them? They ran away from home to escape from a forced marriage, but they might end up in prison for treason or might be forced to marry. What would they be thinking while awaiting their fate? When they ran away, they could have gone of to anywhere but they chose to cross the LOC to reach India, hoping for help. They must have heard good things, and now they must be scared, and might probably wish they were dead, because after they are turned over to the Pakistani Army, even if they are freed, their lives would effectively be over. …

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