Saturday , 20 July 2019
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Blogging 5.0; Or is it 7.0?

Another migration, this time from Blogger to WordPress. I have lost count of the number of blogs I have had over the years. I must have had around 5 or 6 blogs on Blogger alone, 2 on Rediff and a few others, God knows where. On the plus side, I have retained my previous posts this time. Imported everything, but I still have not decided whether to stick with Self Hosted WordPress. With blogger, you knew that your blog will always be there; it had the power and money of Google behind it. But with this, I am flying solo. The moment I forget to pay for hosting, 2 years from now, my blog could be gone for ever. Remind me to take frequent backup. The work is not over yet. I still have to work on the logo, which right now is the default logo that came with the …

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Google Maps & Latitude

10 years ago, you might have met a friend online and after endless hours of chatting you finally agree to meet. Remember, 10 years ago, not many people had digital cameras and a digital picture were often rare. So you wait in the park looking all around you searching for someone holding “Internet For Dummies” in their right hand, while others think you just robbed an old lady. Today or maybe a couple of years in the future you are sitting in the same park, but this time you are not behaving as if the cops were after you. Instead, you have your eyes glued to your mobile watching that blue dot moving closer to you while those nearby think you are watching YouTube. Have you ever wanted to know where your friends are? Isn’t it just possible that you and I might have been on the same street, but …

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Rich man’s mobile

India is getting ready for 3G and I am waiting for N82 Black. I have to say I really surprise myself occasionally with my timing. I have been putting off buying a high-end cell phone because the features offered were not ‘mature’ enough. The camera was never a criteria, because without optical zoom it is next to impossible to take decent pictures at a distance. The last model I opted for was a second hand N-Gage. And when I decide to upgrade India is getting ready for 3G. I was quite impressed with the features offered with N82, and the price isn’t too expensive. Wi-Fi, GPS, large capacity, 3G ready… it is an impressive list and yes, it has a 5-mega pixel camera. I would have passed it and stayed on with my 10x optical zoom camera, except for the geo-tagging feature. But then, we aren’t talking about my views …

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Blog on Facebook

It took some time, but I was able to get my RSS feeds on my Facebook profile. It shouldn’t have been so hard, but a couple of things made it hard. I didn’t like any of the application on Facebook, and the one I felt I might like didn’t want to work. Only one thing was left to do, pull it on Notes application. But Notes would allow only 1 blog to be imported, and I wanted to import two. One is this blog and the other is my other blog where I give vent to my feelings and random thoughts. It is Lost in thought. I have been hearing about Yahoo Pipes and decided to try it out. I had already spent hours, and I was beginning to get frustrated. Pipes needed some getting used to. But considering its capabilities I think it is extremely user friendly, but a …

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Yahoo Text

Good news is that my yahoo mail account is out of beta, but the bad news is that the much anticipated facility of sending message to mobile directly from mail interface does not seem to be working. I tried sending SMS to my Airtel number, and I am still waiting for it. Let me search through Yahoo help; maybe they have listed the supported networks. In the meantime, has anyone been successful in sending message to mobile, either to Airtel or to any other network? Let me know in comments. Update Yahoo does support Airtel in India. If they support then how come I am not receiving any SMS? Here is a list of supported networks. The catch is that you can message a number only four times. After that your friend has to send a reply before you can send messages to him. I think I will stick with …

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Pownce, Twitter and me

Pownce; the latest in the ever-increasing social networking and microblogging Web 2.0 sites. I did join in almost immediately. Well as soon as I could, which was about a week after it took off, I guess. It would be easy to push it off as just another in the never-ending line, and I am sure most people do that, because not even a single person whom I invited joined. So what do I do, I gave the rest of my invitations for those who were asking for it. But sometimes, when you are bombarded with so many web-sites, you might let one gem slip past you. I joined Twitter late, but the feature I love in Twitter is the ability to send or receive SMS. It has endless possibilities. Similarly, Pownce too has a special feature that makes it invaluable. It is the ability to send files to your friends, …

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