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SlideIT Keyboard

Ever since I got my Google Nexus One, I been using my mobile a lot and no, I don’t make many phone calls. Recently I saw someone else using an Android phone, but using the touchscreen keyboard to find and type one letter at a time. There are various softwares available that will help you type faster but the one that I use is SlideIT from Dasur. It is available for Android, iPhone, Winodows Mobile and Symbian. I think that should cover almost everyone I know. If you are still not sure whether it is for you, check this video. (I can type faster than that guy) Some of the other options available are: Swype (Still in Beta) ShapeWriter etc etc. You can download the demo of SlideIT from Android Market or purchase it from Dasur Related articles SlideIT Is a Pretty Accurate Swipe-Based Android Keyboard [Downloads] (

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Google Nexus One

My new phone is, wait for it… GOOGLE NEXUS ONE!!! I got my hands on this gorgeous gadget a couple of weeks back, and I am hooked to it. I know I don’t write much, but after getting this phone, I figured I won’t be back got a long long time. But when I found WordPress for Android, I could not resist myself, I just had to write something. Why don’t you enjoy the pictures that I took while I check some of the other features. Related articles by Zemanta Post To WordPress From Anywhere With WpToGo [Android] ( WordPress for Android Writes and Edits Posts on the Go [Downloads] (

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Rebooting your computer is like girls. Necessary evil. Reinstalling OS is like marriage. Only if you have to. Replacing your computer is like divorce. Only if it doesn’t work out.

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How to prevent malware infection on your computer

I work on other people’s computers, removing virus, spyware, Trojans and a lot of other trash. In most cases, I would also help fix some small issues with Windows or other programs on the computer. Day in and day out, I see people coming in with their computer infected with the latest malware. Ever since I got my first computer, almost 10 years ago, only once have my computer been infected. That happened when I tried to run a program that came from a very bad website (I was trying to download a crack while half asleep.) 😉 Until now, I tried to keep my work away from my blog, but since this might be helpful to many people, I have decided to post some suggestions. Anti-Virus: I have never had a happy relationship with these programs. They slow down my computer and sometimes are temperamental. Most of the time, …

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Download of the day – MediaMonkey

Are you still using the default Windows Media Player that came with Windows? Or have you moved on to Winamp? Maybe it is time to give MediaMonkey a try. The feature I like most about it is the ease at which I can add songs to various playlist, add ratings, download Album Art, Lyrics and Tag information from the web. This is not a product review and so there is not going to be an in depth analysis on the benefit of using MediaMonkey versus other media players. But this is a software I changed to after using Winamp for almost 10 years. Trust me, if you use it for a few days and utilize its features, then you will not be able to go back to Winamp. MediaMonkey

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Tales from work – GreenAV

Working in the service industry is not very easy. The unreasonable demands of customers and incomprehensible policies of the company keeps pulling you apart. Fortunately, there are instances, and it happens often, when you can’t stop laughing. Mr. A was helping a customer who had some kind of infection on his computer. Apparently, he got warnings that his computer is infected and he needs to activate Green Anti-Virus which was already installed on his computer. Mr. C, the customer, had enough of these warnings and tried to get rid of Green Anti-Virus from Add/Remove Programs. But he could not find the program listed there. Next he went to Program Files and found the uninstall shortcut and tried running it, 3 time!!! Finding himself out of depths, he decided he needed help, and found the e-mail address for Green Anti-Virus and send a polite mail telling them that their program was not working properly. …

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