Sunday , 20 October 2019
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To Each His Own

“Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.” –Albert Einstein. We always believe everyone and everything in the whole universe follows the same rule as each of us. And we believe that the person sitting next to us think like us. Why else would the Bible say God created man in his own image? Because almost all of us are incapable of imagining beyond us. For the same reason we judge others based on our own view of ourselves. We also always imagine aliens having hands and feet, with their brain in their heads which would always be on top of the torso. Now isn’t it possible that the alien may not have a head and instead of a brain, it might have its some other part doing the job, or it may even have each of its …

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Extinct – Humans

Human race is doomed. This assumption has been made based on two facts. 1. Humans marry. 2. Humans invent. We call this the height of human evolution. That is the problem with it. Since we have evolved as much as we can as a species, now all we can do is grow. As much as I would like to have the powers of X-Men, I am afraid that the best (or the worst) we can hope for now, is less hair. The future Humans will not fly or read each others mind; they will have less and less hair and the one with the least amount of hair will be considered the most eligible. Marriage is major difference between man and any other species when it comes to social groups. Evolution depends on male and female choosing the best available. It is a formula that has worked since the Big Bang and we are the living proof. The choice …

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Regrets are not really regrets

Regrets, everyone has their share of it. If someone comes to me and says that he or she doesn’t have any regrets, that they have done everything right with their life, I will never trust them again. We make thousands of decisions that could alter our future, and a small percentage of those decisions have the power of changing your life. Today I had to make a decision whether to buy shares in a particular company. Considering the fluctuating market, I knew that there would be a small percentage of profit. Buy buying that, I could have been richer by a few thousand rupees. But even after knowing how favorable the odds were, I decided not to buy. My loss, my regret; maybe not. Whether you are rich, powerful, famous or all of the above, you would still have regrets. Surprisingly we humans have an amazing ability to forget bad …

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Flyin’ on a wing an’ a prayer

“Flyin’ on a wing an’ a prayer”. I have had that tag for a long time now and I have no idea from where I got it. I think I started writing blog in the latter part of 2000 and since then, a lot of posts and a lot of blogs on various websites have been deleted. I may write sporadically and my posts might hop across the whole spectrum of topics, but in my heart I am still flying through life; so fast I don’t know where I am, crippled; but airborne with just one wing, praying for a miracle; hoping life my on earth is not just a speck of sand in the winds of time, that it means a lot more. I doubt it, but then, that is the reason why I called it a miracle. Sometimes I scare myself. Not by the speed of my bike, …

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Lookout, the future is changing

I am becoming inactive again, not because I did not want to write or not because I had nothing to write. In fact during the past month there were quite a few things that impressed me that I wanted to write so much about it. Unfortunately, the past month was one of the most interesting as well as one of the busiest month I have had in a long time. One of the most important events in my life last month was the realization that we are at a crossroad that is going to determine our long-term future, in a big way. I am sure each of our action determines what is going to happen in the future, but some events make much more difference than the others do. In India, the Prime Minister is trying to persuade the Communist Party to support him in the nuclear deal with the …

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The Fight of Heart and Mind

There was a time when I used to think that life was a mistake of nature, that we are just an amusement for nature. It was as if our life on earth had no meaning, because all I could see was a person being born, living a life – hard at work – so that he can live, and there by forgetting to live, and in the end die and leave everything behind. It made me wonder why we live, if in the end we are supposed to die. It looked as if we were running an endless race where the only way out was to die. Sure, I had made up my own explanation about the purpose of life, which I am not about to narrate, since I know for a fact that people get really bored with that theory of mine. Unfortunately for me, my whole world is …

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