Sunday , 20 October 2019
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Success of a good educational system

I remember when I was learning the multiplication tables I used recite it. It was like a poem, a lot of words (numbers) that somehow rhymed. Even the teachers taught everyone to sing the multiplication tables. My father stopped me and showed me how the numbers related to each other and the symbols (x and +) caused a change the relation. For eg: 2×2 would translate to 2+2 2×3 would translate to 2+2+2 The teachers probably felt that teaching this to 50+ students would be a bit difficult, considering the short attention span of the kids and the amount of time that needs to be invested. Compared to that, teaching the kids to sing multiplication table would be very easy. I would say I was lucky. Unfortunately, kids learn the answers but they won’t learn how they got to that answer. Over the years, the intelligence of these kids will …

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Logic – An Experiment of evolution

I read somewhere that even if 2% of over 80,000 parts in a Formula 1 car was not working properly, the car will not start. But the human brain can function even if 99% of the body was not working. No two human beings think alike. I guess we should be glad about that. Thankfully, even if we do not think alike, we are still able to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion, more often than not. There are however instances where some people or a group will reach a completely different conclusion which defies logic. Everyone has a tendency to do that to a certain degree. Call it instinct, conviction or what ever you like, but there is a limit where it ceases to be brilliant and becomes insane. There are also people who will listen to all logical arguments and yet come up with an illogical conclusion. There really …

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Homeless & Stray

Wherever you go in India, one of the common sight that you would see are stray dogs. I have had different opinion about it over the years. Sometimes, I felt that the stray dogs should either be neutered or adopted. I always stopped short of killing them. Whether they are stray or not, they are still dogs and I always had a soft spot for dogs. Few days back, I happened to see a dog and a cat trying to find out who will blink first. They were trying to decide who should have the fish that was dropped on the road, but neither were willing to get into a fight. I started wondering who had the right to the fish, the dog or the cat. One thought led to another and soon I was wondering who had the right to live, man or dog. Every creature has its domain; man …

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Google Nexus One

My new phone is, wait for it… GOOGLE NEXUS ONE!!! I got my hands on this gorgeous gadget a couple of weeks back, and I am hooked to it. I know I don’t write much, but after getting this phone, I figured I won’t be back got a long long time. But when I found WordPress for Android, I could not resist myself, I just had to write something. Why don’t you enjoy the pictures that I took while I check some of the other features. Related articles by Zemanta Post To WordPress From Anywhere With WpToGo [Android] ( WordPress for Android Writes and Edits Posts on the Go [Downloads] (

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How to prevent malware infection on your computer

I work on other people’s computers, removing virus, spyware, Trojans and a lot of other trash. In most cases, I would also help fix some small issues with Windows or other programs on the computer. Day in and day out, I see people coming in with their computer infected with the latest malware. Ever since I got my first computer, almost 10 years ago, only once have my computer been infected. That happened when I tried to run a program that came from a very bad website (I was trying to download a crack while half asleep.) 😉 Until now, I tried to keep my work away from my blog, but since this might be helpful to many people, I have decided to post some suggestions. Anti-Virus: I have never had a happy relationship with these programs. They slow down my computer and sometimes are temperamental. Most of the time, …

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Child labour to combat child marriage?

As the eldest child, I have always wondered how my life would have been with an elder brother or sister. I would have preferred a sister. I don’t need anyone to teach me how to be naughty, and definitely don’t want a big brother stopping me from doing what I want to do. Trust me, if that imaginary brother was anything like I am, there would be constant fight. An elder sister on the other hand would have been great. I won’t have to worry about her stopping me from doing anything, but I can depend on some sound advice and comfort whenever I need it. But, it could be the other way too. But that is hypothetical. It is strange for me to think about such things, but I happened to think of someone, and that triggered these thoughts. The person I thought about was the closest I had …

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