Wednesday , 22 May 2019
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I write ideas that strike me, sometimes just to remember them later, and just once in a while, you might find something useful. :-)

Apologies, my past year and an accident

I know I have been ignoring this post, for over a year. Do I have a good explanation, I don’t think so…  sure, I could say I was working, didn’t have time or didn’t have access to a computer, but I don’t think that is a good excuse. After all if I was serious about posting my blogs then I wouldn’t have ignored it. Maybe I just plain forgot all about it. Past is past, so let us forget all about it. I am going to make a fresh start, a new beginning. Three cheers to a new beginning. So what do I have to tell you? A lot… but where do I start? First let me recap what has been happening with my life.I got a job over a year ago. Specifically I joined my company on 20th of September, 2004. It was a great job, good company a great …

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Happy Birthday

Today is the birthday of my friend AS. At least I hope she is my friend. I wonder how you can recognize your own friends… I feel as if most people are very good actors. They seem to be so good at putting on the mask of a friend, but sometimes I feel that some of them are doing it, maybe so that I won’t be hurt, maybe they want a good image, or maybe it’s in their nature to pretend like that to everyone. It is very difficult to know true friends especially when they are online friends, because you don’t see them, you don’t hear them. All you see is typed words. A very good writer should not find it much difficult to make up great sentences by connecting sweet sounding words, which should be enough to melt the toughest of heart. Why is it that human beings pretend …

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I got Gmail

The good news is that I got a Gmail account. The bad news is that I got fever. I was really in a bad mood yesterday, mostly due to my condition. It is starting to rain very heavily here. High wind and a heavy downpour. The day is gonna be a washout. 😉

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I know I haven’t been very regular these few days. I can’t explain why. Because even I don’t know the reasons. Something interesting happened a few days ago. I was asleep and I had a dream. I dreamt that 2 guys were picking me up; one holding my leg and the other my shoulder. In order to get away I kicked the guy holding my legs. Unfortunately my leg came down with a huge force and got knocked at the foot of my bed. Now I have a bandage on my leg. So those who dream a lot… it’s just a dream guys… don’t take it seriously.

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A Day Lost

Today was not a very special day for me; you know why? Because nothing much happened today. Well I did catch a movie on HBO, but that is not something a person would consider as a worthwhile deed for the day, is it? I read somewhere that writing a diary is a very difficult habit to break, as difficult as it is to cultivate that habit. Well, I never had such a problem. I used to write a diary. But I broke it without giving much thought to it. Who am I kidding? I was feeling terrible quitting that habit. But all the notes I had stored on my computer got lost on fine morning just because my computer had a very bad day. I still feel very sad about that, just as I felt on losing 4 years of email, on a similar freaky day. I started writing a …

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50 First Dates

An interesting and very romantic movie. Who would have thought the funny, always talking Adam Sandler could portray such a romantic character. It is the story of a woman, played by Drew Barrymore, who has no short-term memory, thanks to an accident. The story begins when Sandler meets Lucy (Drew Barrymore) and starts to like her. The next day he finds that she has no recollection of him. After trying for a few more days Lucy’s father tells him not to go to the cafe where Lucy goes every ‘Sunday’ (everyday). So he invents ways to meet her on her way. The comedy continues till one day Lucy finds him on her bed, and start hitting him. From there the move moves on a more serious note, but still there is enough comedy to laugh quite a few times. How the move goes? Well you should see it, because, I …

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