Monday , 18 November 2019
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I write ideas that strike me, sometimes just to remember them later, and just once in a while, you might find something useful. :-)

Two old friends and a lot of thought

I met two old friends today. Girls I have known for over 7 years. One was a pretty close friend, and maybe still is. The other was a very shy girl. I don’t think I ever got to know her very well, but was a good friend in spite of it.For many years I had thought that marriage was unnecessary as long as I had good friends. I have known that good friendship is very rare, and that if you could count your close friends in more than 1 hand then you have to be really, really lucky. I still hold by my second belief, even though I know some people are so charismatic that they make a lot of good friends. I am not like that, but I still consider myself to be very lucky as I have a few friends on whom I can count on and trust …

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First Impression

I joined work today. And you would be thrilled about the work I did. I know because I am thrilled. I was shown around the office, and they wanted to give me a login ID for the computers right away, but since my employee ID wasn’t processed, they couldn’t give it. So the person who was in charge took me to the floor below (they have 3 floors… WOW!!! I am impressed) and showed me where I can get coffee or tea, whichever I preferred. Then she showed me the library, which had a handful of periodicals and some books. I checked some of the books they had. I think the latest book they had was Municipal rules… (Ugh!!!) preceded by some tutorial of Windows 3.01!!!! (now that is what I call latest). They told me that I can spend time at the library, and that is exactly what I …

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A new job

Good news, I got a job. Its been about a month since I lost my job, even though I haven’t been working for the past 5 months. This job might make a lot of difference to me. First of all, I will be working along with a couple of my college friends. At my previous job everyone was new, the place was new and the job was also new. But this time I know the industry better, I will be working at my native place and I have my friends working along with me. I am not yet sure what project I would be working on. The only information I got was that I would be working for either an MNC bank or an insurance company. The salary is low compared to my previous job, but the experience I would be getting would be worth the low salary. Further as …

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The Third Twin – Ken Follett

I didn’t write anything last night. I was too sleepy. But what was there to write about… Well, I did read a book yesterday, actually read it for the 3rd time. The book was “The Third Twin” by Ken Follett. Not a bad book. But after reading a few of Ken Follett’s books I find that he writes to sell his books. He write about what is currently the most talked about topic and then make a story out of it.This books is a story of a guy who was wrongly accused for rape. But how could the victim identify him positively if he didn’t do it? That is the story. There is someone else who not only looks like him, but who has the same DNA. Is that the whole story? No. His twin is in jail. But there is another twist, his twin does not share his date …

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Auld Lang Syne

I had thought about this yesterday, but realized that today is 23rd just some time ago. Today is the birthday of a long lost friend. I haven’t seen or heard from that friend in over 7 years. I do wonder what has happened. I guess this gives me an excuse to post another blog, also to remember a song very appropriate for this occasion. None of the lyrics or mp3 I have seen are complete, since this is a very old poem, 17th century I believe. The song was written by Robert Burns, after hearing a shepherd sing it. So the age of this poem is uncertain and the original lyrics lost in the Vale of Scotland. Listen to the beautiful music from the following link. Download the mp3 here. Version 1 Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And auld …

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Good morning

Good Morning…In order to make a habit of blogging, I decided to write something before I do anything else. The drive into which I download stuff is now full. I had been regularly downloading movies and mp3, but yesterday I couldn’t download much. Usually I download around 800+ mb each night.It rained pretty hard last night. I don’t think I had a good nights sleep. Someone messaged me on my mobile and it kept on ringing at regular intervals. I didn’t realize it was the mobile, but somehow that made me dream. I woke up early in the morning, checked my mail and switched off the alert, and again went back to sleep. I just woke up ½ and hour ago… pretty late, isn’t it? That’s all for now guys… let me finish my tea… I got to go out.Bye Technorati Tags : Good, morning

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