Sunday , 20 October 2019
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I write ideas that strike me, sometimes just to remember them later, and just once in a while, you might find something useful. :-)

Talking in my sleep

Long hours in the office, too little sleep and the only fun that I have these days is by sitting in front of the computer. That I do in office as well as home. Wonder where my life is taking me. Is it normal for a person to stay in office for 16 hours? Maybe some people would do it if they have work to complete. But in my case, I could have opted for a shift where by I need to clock just 8 hours. But instead, I come to work at normal hours, and then stay late. Maybe its just because I am just starting. Once I have been working for some time, maybe I won’t feel so eager to stay in office for such long time. I wonder what my old friends are doing… there are those from my old company, my old college friends, and then …

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Friend regained

Hmmmm…. Back again. But now I don’t remember what I wanted to say the other day.But that brings me back to something I was saying earlier… ideas should be written down, otherwise you may forget all about it later on.I got in touch with an old friend, chat and phone friend, but a good friend none the less.What I realized was that, how far apart you grow from a friend, they still remain your friend. You cant get angry with them, you cant find anything to forgive, coz when you think about it, they didn’t do anything intentionally to hurt you. You spend some time cribbing about not being in touch or maybe there would be some gap, but one you are past that stage, it feels just like old times.All you have to do is, understand why there was a drift in the first place, accept it, have a …

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Sorry, My mind wandered a bit…

Here I am, back again after a gap of a few days. I was just thinking how my blog has changed from a personal diary to a scrap book for some pretty crazy, bizarre thoughts. Certainly, writing a diary is a good habit; it helps you look back in time and reflect on your proudest, sweetest and unforgettable moments, while also reminding you to remember the sad loss of your dog, or the time your first love got married. (Pretty unkind cut, I know 😉 ). It also allows you to laugh at the foolish things you did in the past, while reminding you not to repeat it.But at the same time you got to remember that your mind is a marvelous piece of work. There are so many brain cells, so many neurons, passing thoughts, analyzing everything you see, hear, smell, taste and feel. I wouldn’t be surprised if …

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Religion – Our curse?

Am I becoming irregular? I have a feeling that I am getting very erratic with my posts. I think I will leave that thought there. I had been thinking about inter-caste marriages lately. let us say I had a reason to think about it, though I am not planning to marry anyone. I guess it is not even an issue in western countries, but when we come down to India, I have a feeling it is pretty big issue, still. I had thought that we had left that baggage when we stepped into the 21st century. But lately I have had several reasons to think otherwise. Don’t get me wrong… I don’t mean to say that everyone in India is against inter-caste marriage. I am sure many parents are willing to accept it, but there are still many who are still living in the past century, who cannot approve of …

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Hey there… I am back again. There was a gap, just a couple of days. First was because I had lost internet connection due to some fault in the line. And yesterday I was reading a book. I am sure many people would be familiar with “To Kill a Mockingbird” by  Harper Lee. I had read it once before, but I had forgotten that I had read it. But it certainly was not a waste reading it. It carries a lot of messages. I will never bother trying to explain what the book is about or what I learnt from it. I could never do it justice and I may not be able to convey what exactly it is that the book conveys. But I am sure that I am enriched by reading it. Even though I may not be able to pinpoint it, I think I will remember about each …

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A Shattered Dream

I didn’t write anything last night, for one thing, there wasn’t much to write about, and for another, I was watching a movie.I thought 5 or more people would join us on Friday, but only 1 girl joined. At least there is one more. Hope more people would join on Monday. We must have gone through all the periodicals in the library, but more would be coming on Monday, I think.I was led to believe I would be getting some sort of compensation from my previous company by my HR manager, but when I called up yesterday my dreams were shattered. I had thought that I will be able to buy the digital camera I had been dreaming about. But I was told that there is nothing more due to me. So much for my dreams. Technorati Tags : A, Shattered, Dream

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