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WMD – Weapon of Mosquito Destruction

by Sunil J

There are many inventions and ideas that aren’t available to the public. Most common reason would be the effort to make a production version is too high when compared to the profit it could make. Then there are those products which are stupid but still make the inventor a lot of money. But I am sure you would be able to find those products even in your own home. I know I have been guilty of buying things on impulse.

I came across a product that I found very interesting. Forget interesting, this is amazing and I want this now! Using laser to burn the wings of mosquitoes. I would be the dark emperor of a small area, but I would still be using laser and killing mosquitoes.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree to unwanted killing and definitely not massacre, but scientists have concluded that extinction of mosquitoes would not have or have very minimal environmental impact. As far as I can tell, the role of mosquitoes is to spread infections and thereby control population. But there are many animals that feed on mosquitoes and they would have to look for other food sources.

This “weapon” can kill at the rate of 100 mosquitoes per second, target mosquitoes, that too only female based on wing beat pattern and disintegrate their wings, at a rate of  up to 100/sec! The prototype was built using parts available on ebay, yet the product is not available to public. Considering more people are killed by mosquitoes each year, I really can’t understand  why they haven’t built it yet. You can assemble one yourself, if you have the know-how and the money. It is going to cost a few thousand dollars, but once it is mass produced, the cost should come down to $50.

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