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Glider – Web-Based Email Client

by Sunil J

If instant messages reduced the number of e-mail that you sent, social networking sites (facebook) has brought it down to virtually zero. A quick check at my sent items in Gmail shows



that in the last 20 odd days I have sent barely 4 emails without counting e-mails related to work. But the amount of mails that I receive has increased with every passing year and its mostly junk. A study conducted on the impact of spam mails showed that a considerable amount of time is spend deleting spam mails. What about those mails which are not considered spam, but are still unwanted? I got thousands of unread emails just because I don’t know why I got it and I found it useless. If I had time, like I did pre-2005, I would categorize each of those mails with relevant labels and then forget about them.

Even with the Gmail Labs’ SmartLabels, I still have too many bulk mails and few important mails mis-categorized as Bulk/Notification. There were times when I wished Google would take steps to make e-mail more relevant and useful. Apparently I am not the only one who thought so. Glider is one company who wants to make email better for you.

Glider, an email client that automatically sorts your messages based on context. –Facebook Page

Glider processes and categorizes your email, privately and securely. - glider.io/learn-more


Disclaimer: This web-based e-mail client is still in beta and the features might not work as it should, yet. If you are brave enough you could ask for an invite on their website Glider.io or through their Facebook Page or through their Twitter account.

Conversation View- Glider

Conversation View- Glider


Your conversations with others should show up here. For me, it shows up as Recent Contacts  and unfortunately its mostly bulk emails.

Notification Center - Glider

Notification Center – Glider

All those notification mails from your Twitter/Facebook should show up here and that seems to be working well for me, though it is without those thumbnails.

Mailing list is another Box which I have in my Glider Inbox. It lists all those mails I get from various mailing list I am in and that is working pretty well.

Do you have a method of keeping your inbox organized or are you looking for something like Glider? Let me know.

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Jeremy April 24, 2012 - 6:28 PM

Well to me Gmail is already a good free email client. I use gmail for business related emails. Gmail can sort emails based on context too, and determine and separate which emails are important or not automatically and manually. Too bad glider is still in beta….I would love to use it soon without the need of getting invitation.


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