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50GB of Free Space on Box is giving a free lifetime upgrade for everyone who uses their android application. The lifetime upgrade will give you 50GB of space, instead of the usual 5GB, and and increased file size from 25MB to 100MB. Upgrade Upgrade

I would never say no to free space. The 1GB space in Picasa,  7683 MB in Gmail, 3.25GB in Dropbox etc is never going to be enough. My first hard disk was a monster at 20GB, in 2000. Today that is barely enough to install Windows 7. That is the reason why I jumped up looking for my mobile when I saw the offer from

Android Market - Box QR
Android Market – Box QR

What you see on the right is a screenshot taken from my Nexus one after installing the appplication.

Here is how you can get 50GB of free space with Trust me its very simple.

  1. Download application from Android Market Place or use the QR code. You can use Google Goggles to scan that QR Image on the left (Select Market instead of browser, if you are prompted).
  2. Install the application and log in if you already have an account. If you do not have a account, just register.
  3. Your will be upgraded to 50GB.

As I said, quite easy.

This offer is available till Friday, March 23, 2012.

Quick tip: Did you know the new version of Dropbox for Android can upload files automatically to the cloud? And they give up to 3 GB of additional space to upload those as you use it.

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