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Friday for Android

by Sunil J
Friday for Android

“Forget to Remember” That is what Friday claims it will do.



About the developers

Friday is an Android app from Dexetra, the developers of Iris, a virtual assistant. Even though it does not have all the features as Siri, yet, it shows a lot of promise with constant updates and improvements. Iris (Siri in reverse) was created within 8 hours after Apple announced Siri and that was how many people heard about its developer Dextra and the sibling of Iris who has been gestating for a while now.

About Friday

Many people find it difficult to maintain a diary (me), but I wish I knew what I did a week or a month back. Sometimes I would know what I did, but would have no idea when I did it. Android has some apps which will export your call logs and SMSs to your Gmail inbox or to Google Calendar. This means I know when I talked to who, but it stops there. With Friday on your mobile, it will keep a track of everything you do. It would know where you were at a particular point of time, who you called and what music you were listening to. Think of it as a personal biographer. Who knows, you may need those details when the world wants to know all about you.

I am sure that many people would be worried about their privacy, but Dexetra says, the information stays on your mobile. If you are worried about someone stealing your mobile to find out what you did last summer, you might want to wait before you try this app.


Getting Friday

You can get Friday by invite only, but it is not easy. I have been on the list for a few months now with hardly any luck. Dextra says they will be sending invites this week, but I am still waiting. Hopefully I won’t have to wait for long and I am sure you won’t experience the long wait that I had to endure.

Get in line for Friday here

The opinion of people who tried the alpha version of Friday have been overwhelmingly positive and with Dextra’s work with Iris, they are planning to incorporate the best features of Iris into Friday.

I have seen my share of new apps and websites come and go, some of which are never heard by 99.99% of the internet users. It is dissapointing that some of the promising startups didn’t get the exposure they deserved or didn’t live up to the initial expectations. With Friday I see a endless possibilities.

At present it captures certain events, but if Dextera is able to incorporate API from major websites and apps, then the information that can be captured in a centralized location would be huge. Building on it, Dextera can provide its own API so that information can be pushed to Friday instead of Friday actively looking for it. Considering the changes the team has made to Iris, I am sure they will be thinking of expanding the reach of Friday. As far as I can tell, there no other apps which comes anywhere close to doing what Friday can do.


Review by Appnomy
Review by Androidtapp

Once I get my hands on Friday, you can be sure there will be a followup post with screenshots and my opinion on how it can make a difference to your life.

Update: The followup post can be found at 2byts

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mauricehord February 29, 2012 - 6:35 PM

so….any update? looking forward to it

Sunil J March 2, 2012 - 5:12 PM

I know.. I have been waiting for months. I couldn’t get any response from the developers through their Facebook page.

Sunil J April 3, 2012 - 4:16 PM

I got Fridayed! 🙂


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