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Free Facebook Cards from Moo

by Sunil J
Facebook Card from Moo.com

Who doesn’t love free stuff! Here is how you can get 50 free cards from Moo.com based on your Facebook Timeline. I just ordered mine.

Facebook Card from Moo.com

Facebook Card from Moo.com

This is how it looks like and you can have your quotes, Facebook vanity URL & E-mail address printed in the back. If you are one of those people who constantly change their cover image, then can have cards printed with each of those cover images, max 50. Did I mention that this is free only for the first 200,000 people?

Here is how you get your Facebook Card.


Facebook Card

Getting your Facebook Card

  • Head over to https://www.facebook.com/~your-username~/info
  • Scroll down to “Contact Info” and hover over the business card icon next to it. and click on Print Cards.
  • Follow the instructions.

Remember, only the first 200,000 people will get the free card, so get it soon.

Update: They are giving out 5000 a day, so if you don’t get it today, try again tomorrow.

Update: (26th Jan ’12) I got the cards from Moo and they are really good. But I wish I had put more thought into the pictures and quotes.

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1 comment

Garry April 25, 2012 - 8:10 AM

Hm… I don’t think this card necessary. What is it for actually? I don’t really like free stuffs sometimes. Because free stuffs have sometimes hidden purpose. Like free software, they mostly put something hidden in the software to spy our computer. Or they use our email to send spammy offers.


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