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by Sunil J

Here are some interesting news that I read online recently. Hope you like this tiny digest.

Siri For iPhone

Apple iPhone 4s-Siri

Siri for iPhone

That is one of the hottest news in tech world. A virtual assistant that can not only talk back to you, but do it with a certain amount of (Artificial) Intelligence. That is the dream of every Geek.

Siri (pronounced /ˈsɪri/) is a personal assistant application for iOS. The application uses natural language processing to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to an expanding set of web services. Siri claims that the software adapts to the user’s individual preferences over time and personalizes results, as well as accomplishing tasks such as making dinner reservations and reserving a cab.[1]

via Siri (software) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Apple, and I prefer my Android phone and after some digging I came up with a few interesting applications for Android, maybe not as good as Siri, but I am hoping one of them will develop to something that is really useful.

Iris (Siri in reverse) was created within 8 hours of Apple announcing Siri. Having generated a huge interest, this app could develop to something really really good.

Speaktoit is much more developed than Iris and can update your Facebook and Twitter account, or check in to a Foursquare location.

Jeannie (Voice Actions Plus) has both paid as well as free version. I would spend the small amount they ask for this great app, but I think I am going to wait.

Eva & Evan: Probably one of the most advanced of personal assistants on Android, and a just a little expensive. The free version is pretty good, but the drain on the battery made me think twice.

Get Paid For Your Citizen Journalism With Citizenside [Android & iPhone]

Citizen Journalism in Mumbai Terrorist Attacks...

Image by Gauravonomics via Flickr

Do you regularly find yourself in the midst of all the action in your town? If you’re also taking great photos, capturing video footage or writing up quick explanations and putting them online, you’ve probably crossed the line into citizen journalism. Citizenside is designed to make it easy for photographers to submit newsworthy photos and videos and make them available for purchase by major news outlets. Citizenside does all the work finding buyers for your work – all you need to do is keep taking great photos and video footage.

via Get Paid For Your Citizen Journalism With Citizenside [Android & iPhone].

The Litigators | Bookreporter.com

The Litigators

The Litigators

Grisham’s novels are no longer just suspense-packed adventures. He now uses the pages of his bestsellers as a pulpit for commentary on contemporary legal issues. THE CONFESSION was a sermon against the death penalty, and THE APPEAL was a homily against the evil of an American legal system spending millions on the election of judges. The lecture subject of THE LITIGATORS is mass tort litigation, a system that makes millionaires out of lawyers on both sides of the legal battle but does little to compensate the actual victims. Readers are probably familiar with one of the cornerstones of this type of litigation: national appeals to potential plaintiffs through advertisements on television, radio or newspapers. In THE LITIGATORS, the culprit is Krayoxx, an anti-cholesterol drug that may be causing heart attacks and strokes.

via The Litigators | Bookreporter.com.

Disclaimer: The link on the image takes you to Amazon page for which I will be paid.   Codeacademy



Codeacademy is a site you should be watching if you are interested in learning how to code. Right now the only course available is Javascript, but will change soon since they just received $2.5 million funding. Read more below.

Since it launched last August, the site has become what’s (probably) a global hit. It has users in more than 200 countries, only 30% of which are in the United States. The company has declined to share its current user count, but it had 200,000 within their first 72 hours, and I’ve heard whispers that they’re still doing very, very well.

via Codecademy Raises $2.5 Million To Teach You How To Code | TechCrunch.

Coming Soon – Propeller Last year, when Google tried to purchase the innovative content reader application Flipboard, they were greeted with a confident decline. With a $200 million valuation and over 4 million downloads so far, it’s clear why Flipboard thinks they can be plenty successful on their own. But that decision may come back to haunt them. Google told Flipboard that if the company didn’t sell now, Google would be coming back with a product of their own. That product is going to be called Propeller, and it should be launching next week.

via Google’s Flipboard clone, Propeller, launching next week | Android and Me.

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