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Diaspora – Invite

Diaspora inviteDiaspora is not something that someone built after Google Plus. If anything, it has been around from the beginning of the year. Diaspora is a decentralized social network. It is not hosted on one server or on servers owned by a company like Google or Facebook.

If you want you can host it on your own server, and get your family to join, maybe a few friends too. If you happen to have a killer domain name, you might end up with thousands of users. The server version that you can install on your own server has been available from the beginning of the year and there are many servers available which will allow you to join Diaspora. However, the developers have made the platform available on their servers too.

So you already have Facebook and most probably have Google+, what can you get from Diaspora that you can’t from either of those or from Twitter? If you ask me, not much. The crowds are already flocking to Facebook or Google+, you are unlikely to find some long-lost friend, or an amazingly interesting person who is not on Twitter or Google+. The interface is quite similar to Google+, in fact almost identical. No, you are not going to get anything new from Diaspora, at least not in the near future.

Why am I on Diaspora if that is how I feel?

The idea of my content being on my own server, that is what I like about Diaspora. Diaspora have themselves said that they are not here to kill Facebook or Google+, so lets not argue about that. I would like to have a single gateway to the web. I should be able to upload a picture to one server and decide which social networks should have access to that image. In case someone at Facebook goes crazy and systematically wipes out all the data stored in their servers, I don’t want to lose my data. The web is all about information and it will remain that way for the foreseeable future. What Google, Facebook or any other service does is, give you a different way to send/share or create that data. Let them continue doing it, but I would like to have the data with me with right to display given to each of the service. Maybe, in the future, social networks will be able to communicate between each other, just like email does with different domains.

I am on Diaspora because I think this is the right way forward.

If you need an invite, just fill out the below form. Those who had selected “Any future invites” previously will be getting their invites soon.

Update (25th September):I know that I haven’t been able to send invites for the last few days. The problem is at Diaspora end, all pending invites will be processed as soon as Diaspora fixes the issue.

Update (27th November): Due to some problem with the invitation system in Diaspora, I am closing down the invitation. This post will be updated with useful links that you can use to get Diaspora invitation shortly.

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