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Google Plus Invites



So the big news out there is Google Plus with quite a few people trying to get an invite. This time around the rush is not as big as Gmail or Wave, but it is still there and from the looks of it, Google is not restricting invitation as it did previously.

I did get my invitation and I am in the process of inviting those I know to Google Plus.

Would you like an invitation? Post a comment and I will hook you up with one.

Before you ask for an invite.

Here are the two things you should know before you ask for an invite.

  1. Google Plus works only with Google accounts that have an active Google profile. If you haven’ t created your Google profile yet, you won’t be able to sign up for Google Plus. You can create a Google Profile by going to
  2. Only regular Gmail accounts are supported and you can’ t use your Google apps account to setup a Google Plus profile.
  • I have sent invites to all those who had commented.
  • You should have received, or will receive a mail from “Sunil Joseph (Google+)” with whatever subject line I chose for that post. :-). I will try to keep it as Google+ Invitation via
  • All you need to do is click on the “Big Red Button” fill some details and you will be in.
  • Once you get the invite, it would be helpful if you could come back here and reply to the comment thread you started confirming you got the invite. (Non-mandatory)
  • You could also promote this post. You will find Digg, Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon button on the left hand side. (Non-mandatory)


Google is currently throttling invites and so you might expect a delay in getting the mail. Even if you get the invite mail and you click on the “Big Red Button” which says, “Learn more about Google+”, you might end up with a webpage that says, “Already invited? We’ve temporarily exceeded our capacity. Please try again soon.” Just try clicking on the link after a few hours.

Invite Request

To make my life easier, I have created the following form. This will ensure your email stays out of public eyes and I don’t have to copy paste a lot of e-mail address each time I sent an invite. Fill in the information, and post a comment so that I will be notified about it.

Update 27th November: You do not need an invite to get Google Plus. You can sign up by visiting

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  1. Youssef CHERRAOUI

    Can I get an invite please! form filled
    Thanks in advance

  2. filled out the forum and would like an invite

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