Thursday , 14 November 2019
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DoFollow Enabled

Over the last week, this blog has gone through some subtle but drastic changes. The changes were done with a few things in mind that will improve your experience on my blog.

Faster loading: One of the feature that was removed from the blog was drag-to-share from Meebo. Previously you could select a few text or click and hold an image to share a post on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail etc. But this was not a feature that would be used often. The Meebo bar at the bottom of the page was also scrapped. A site which loads faster is better than a feature that is seldom used. Previously the home page would take about 12-13 seconds to load. By removing certain features which were not used that often, I was able to bring down the load time to just above 7 minutes. My blog is now 40% faster.


U Comment I Follow
Link Luv

Link Luv: Those who blog and also comment on my blog would be interested to see a new option just below the comment box which will allow you to post the link to your latest blog post. If you select the option the latest post will be pulled automatically when you enter your website in the comment field. The screenshot towards the left will show you what I mean. Do give it a try and let me know if you like the feature.

Since this requires your blog address, make sure you are logged into the blog using your Gravatar ID (Name/E-mail, Website) and not using Google Friend Connect.


U Comment I Follow

“U Comment, I Follow”: There are few people who visit my blog often and express their views through their comments and I felt the least I could do for them was to make their comments Do-Follow to search engines. Search engines will see their website address in the URL field as something it should follow and might have some impact in Page-rank. Not all who comment will get this link juice, but only the regulars. However, any URL that you enter inside the comment box will still be No-Follow to discourage those who are too greedy.

Again, you need to use your Gravatar ID, or enter your Name/E-mail/Website instead of Google Friend Connect.

I am sure there will be a lot of spam on my blog, as if I am not getting enough, now that the blog is DoFollow. My spam filter is configured to block any comment with links in it as spam. So, avoid putting any links inside the comment as those will not be DoFollow and it might get deleted.

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  10. @017c6223dd4179cc69209dc77404ed9c:disqus I was using the plugin “SMu Manual DoFollow” through which you can set a minimum number of comments a person has to post before he or she is considered as regular. But it has been disabled now since I switched to Disqus.

  11. How does your blog distinguish between the regular visitors and those who are just stopping by once, with regard to your do-follow, no-follow link policy? Just curious.

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