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Invites to Quora

I have invites for Quora, a social search site launched earlier this year by a bunch of ex-Facebookers (including former CTO Adam D’Angelo andCharlie Cheever (who previously led Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect)–and which was just funded at an $86M valuation. If you would like an invite to Quora, just ask for in the comment. Make sure you are putting your correct e-mail address in the e-mail field so that I know where to send the invite to. If you put your email address in the comments, you might get an invite from some generous fellow, but you might get a lot of spam from even more generous fellows.

You will have to use either your Facebook or Twitter account to authenticate to Quora first time.

To make my life easier, I have created the following form. This will ensure your email stays out of public eyes and I don’t have to copy paste a lot of e-mail address each time I sent an invite. Fill in the information, and post a comment so that I will be notified about it.

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  1. i’d like too

  2. Please? (:

  3. Would you please send me a invite? Thank you so much!

  4. Hey, Just requested for an invite. Would be nice if you could send one across. Thanks! Tushar

  5. Thank you very much! 🙂

  6. can i have a quora invite?

  7. can i have a quora invite?

  8. Debashis Karmarker

    Hi Sunil,
    I am researching some stuff about startups. Will be grateful for an invite. Thanks in adv.

    Will be in SFO beginning Oct. Would like to connex. Any chances you are nearby? Send me email, will fill you in on details.


  9. Hi Sunil,

    Thanks a lot for the the invite :).


  10. Hi Sunil
    tx a ton for the invite 😀

  11. Hi Sunil
    Would you please invite me to quora.. mail id submitted in the form filler 🙂 Thanks

  12. Hi,

    I would like an invite to Quora. I just filled out the Google Docs form. Thanks in advance!

  13. Hey,
    I have sent the invite..

  14. othmane elmetioui

    I would like to join Quora, hope it’s not too late.pleaaase thanks

  15. Santiago Sanchez Badia

    I would like to join Quora, hope it’s not too late.

    Thanks in advance

  16.  I’d love to have one. Can someone hook me up? Thanks!

  17. I’d really like to have an invite to Quora, I don’t know if it’s too late 🙂

    Thank you in advance, wathever happens

  18. So fast. Thanks sunil 🙂

  19. Can you invite me to Quora?

  20. invite please? thankyou!

  21. Would appreciate an invite, if you’ve still got one left: [Email Removed]

  22. I’d like one. [e-mail ID removed]. Thank you.

  23. Please send me an invite to Quora

  24. Can you send me the invite please?

  25. Do send me a Quora invite if you still have a few left – Faisal, @fsiyavud

  26. Hi Sunil…please send me an invite…to this email id a*********[email protected]

  27. Would love a Quora invite if you have any left. Thanks

  28. Hi, can you send a Quora invitation if you have more?
    Thanks a lot. Kilou

  29. Do you have any invites left for Quora?
    Tnx in advance

  30. Hi,
    if there are any invites left, I would appreciate one;)

  31. I hope some invites are left. Really looking forward to explore quora.

  32. Pick me Pick me! Hope there are some invites left 😉 thanks in advance!

  33. hi Sunil!

    still have some invites? might find some help there re my thesis 🙂

  34. Can I get an invite to quora? Much appreciated.

  35. Dear Sunil good day can you please send me an invitation

  36. Hi, can i have a quora invite?

  37. Hey Sunil – it’d be great to have an invite if you have any left. My email is farrukh.copywriter(at)

  38. Pradeep kumar Mishra

    Could you please share the invite. I would like to check it out

  39. Please also can you invite me to Quora ?, want to try
    Thanks & Best Regards

  40. I’d appreciate an invite to Quora, too. Thanks a lot!

    • Let me know if you get the invite. since you signed in with friendconnect, I don’t have your email address. I have sent it to the address created by friendconnect

    • Hey,
      I had send you an invite using the friendconnect email. But I see that you have not joined possibly because you never got that mail. If you still need an invite do comment once again using your email address instead of signing in using Google Friend Connect, or just send your email address through comment.

  41. Very interesting… Can one peruse the site beforehand? I’d love to do that first.:-)

  42. I’d really apreciate an invite to Quora.


  43. I also wanna check Quora website. thanks for invite 🙂

  44. Hi,

    would like to checkout Quora. thanks for your initiative. cheers 🙂

  45. Well lets give Quora a try. thanks Sunil. 🙂

  46. Many thanks for the possibility that I might get an invite to Quora.

  47. Really wanna check out Quora to know whether it is worth the hype. Thanks in advance bro.

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