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Looking back


I am going to cheat on postaday2011 by rehashing my old post. I was arguing with a friend about when I got Gmail. I had the date around the end of May. Today I checked an old post and found that I had blogged on 9th June after finally getting my Gmail account. He had claimed he had it before 2004 which I knew was not possible. Wikipedia confirmed that Gmail was launched as an invitation only beta on 1st of April, 2004.

Why am I not posting anything new?

When I started blogging it was just cursorily about the new medium whereby you create your own website instantly. This was long back, when GeoCities where considered great for hosting websites (It offered 5 MB of storage) I was studying at that time, (mid to late 2000) and the blog was at Soon it lost its novelty and I stopped blogging for a while. Later when life became more and more complicated, I needed an outlet to dump all my thoughts. I created a few other blogs (wonder where), but when I finally moved to WordPress self-hosted blog, I used the import feature to get most of the blog posts. I had to drop some of those old posts, because looking back I still wonder what possessed me to post those.

So there you go, even though I started with the intention of not posting why I started blogging, I ended up doing just that. That is life, you end up doing things you didn’t want to do, becoming a person who you didn’t want to be…

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  1. Now you are funny … becoming the person you don’t want to be? Perhaps it is becoming the person you truly are.
    You should, quite frankly, import and post all of them (gradually) in this blog throughout the year. Why delete your work? You can add a few lines and links to the data and bam – a new post 🙂

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