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Post-a-day – Day 2

by Sunil J

So I decided that I will make the blog public again. So far very few people knew about it, and I never felt it necessary to invite people to the blog. However, yesterday, for no particular reason, I updated the site field on Facebook. And right now, I am updating the same on my Twitter Profile. I have absolutely no idea why I am doing this, since I was very satisfied with the way things have been going till now. Maybe it has something to do with the postaday2011 challenge.

Anyhow, I spend the last 2 hours looking at other posts tagged with postaday2011 and I couldn’t find anything inspiring. Is postaday2011 too much that the quality of content will be very low? Maybe I should switch to postaweek2011.

WordPress does provide some great “apps” (the word app has been voted as the word of the year by the American Dialect Society) for mobile bogging. Unfortunately, blogging on a small mobile screen is not the same as blogging from a computer. But I guess I should jot down some of the ideas.

One of the interesting blog posts I came across was this.

PostADay2011 Bloggers – Click the Like Button Please.

Do you expect a reply when you post something? Do you get satisfaction when someone responds to what you said or clicks on the like button?

In my opinion, some posts deserves a reply, some don’t. But it is always courteous to reply. Then there are posts like these, which are not meant for anyone else but the author. The author (me, me, me!!!) wouldn’t care if this got a reply or not.

But who could say no to a like?

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