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by Sunil J

There was a time when all I could think of was flying. It was my dream, my ambition and my fantasy. These days, I am not able to dream, I have no more ambitions and I fantasize being a child again.

Has this world broken me? I would like to think not. I may have accepted that my life is no longer being controlled by me, but that does not mean i am going to live my life by laws laid down by the society.

Just because I did not have any say in my birth does not mean my life is not my own. If I was asked whether I would like to have a life in this world, I probably would have said no. But now that I am born, I  intent to live life the way I choose.

Society, God or any superior being; whoever decided what should happen to me every second of every day can be sure of one thing, I am going to create as much trouble as I can and I hope whatever master plan that has been created which controls everyone’s life has been prepared after taking me into account.

There are a lot of people who give good advice and guidance and there are lot of people willing to listen to them.  They are the favorites, not just of the masses, but also of those who control us.

Then there are others like me, the outcasts, the black sheep. Everyone knows we are out there, but no one wants to listen to us.

I think I am ready to believe in “The Matrix“.

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