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Tales from work – GreenAV

by Sunil J

Working in the service industry is not very easy. The unreasonable demands of customers and incomprehensible policies of the company keeps pulling you apart. Fortunately, there are instances, and it happens often, when you can’t stop laughing.

Mr. A was helping a customer who had some kind of infection on his computer. Apparently, he got warnings that his computer is infected and he needs to activate Green Anti-Virus which was already installed on his computer. Mr. C, the customer, had enough of these warnings and tried to get rid of Green Anti-Virus from Add/Remove Programs. But he could not find the program listed there. Next he went to Program Files and found the uninstall shortcut and tried running it, 3 time!!! Finding himself out of depths, he decided he needed help, and found the e-mail address for Green Anti-Virus and send a polite mail telling them that their program was not working properly.

While it was slightly funny, what cracked everyone in office was the reply Mr. C got from Green Anti-Virus asking him to try running the uninstaller once again. The sender also reinforced his support by stating he was looking forward to working with Mr. C in the future. Sounds like Green Anti-Virus knew Mr. C would be back again.

By the way, if you did not get it even now, Green Anti-Virus is a fake Anti-Virus. It does not remove any infection. It is the infection.

Mrs. C, (no relation to Mr. C) who had had XP Anti-Virus on her Windows Vista computer had a sad story. She used her credit card and tried activating the anti-virus software that claimed it found thousands of infections on her computer.

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