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The fickle me

by Sunil J

For the past 5 months, I have been playing travian a lot, and that is an understatement. At one point, I was playing on 3 servers, while helping 3 others play the game. I used Firefox to log into my accounts on 3 server, Chrome and K-Meleon to log into accounts of my alliance members. And while I was at work, I used to use my mobile to continue playing.

It is over now, I have decided that I have been obsessing over the game far too long and have decided to quit. Sometime tomorrow afternoon my account will be closed. None of my alliance members are aware that I have decided to quit and it is going to affect the alliance ranking. As I am the highest ranked player 😀 in my alliance, no one would want me to quit. So maybe I will send a note before my account is closed.

That is why I need to talk about one of the most important topic that I have ever known, me.  I have this very bad habit of jumping headfirst into new hobbies and interests and leave it behind me after a while. It might be a few days, weeks, months and sometimes years. But it would be difficult to name a few interests that I have had for a very long time.

Music lessons, Ham radio, birds, fish, dogs, RC flying, scuba diving, photography, various video games and the list goes on. Sometimes, like Ham radio, scuba diving or RC flying my interest would wane even before I start the hobby. I would study a lot about it, and will decide to do it, but time and cash will prevent me from doing anything about it and after a while, I will find something else to amuse me.

The evidence is all around me. I got an out of tune and neglected guitar beside my bed, 2 dogs, around 14 budgies(commonly known as love birds in India), 1 bowl and 2 pet jar with one betta each on my table beside my computer, RC simulator controller next to my CPU, joystick on my floor. I think I will stop there.

At the same time, I got a few hobbies that I have never lost interest. One is reading, and I got hundreds of books lying around the house. Quite a few of them have been read more than once and in certain cases more than 4 times. But lately, I have been reading less. Blame it on computers. I read a lot online and the rest of the time is being taken up by doing something on my computer, which incidentally is another interest that has never waned. Another is my love for vehicles. Unfortunately, for the past 6 months I have not been able to ride anything but my crutches. I hope that that will change in the near future.

While I have found many interesting hobbies, and have moved away from them, I check on those occasionally. So you can say, I still have a lot of hobbies.

But I wish could have a hobby, something more than reading or riding, something I was passionate about. I guess you really need to be lucky to find something like that, just like true love.

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